Dog Is Found Alone In The Woods Using Pine Needles As A Bed

dog found alone forest wearing pine needles

After a cruel breeder left Parker and other vulnerable dogs abandoned in the South Carolina woods, they had no choice but to wander aimlessly. With no one to provide him with a safe place to lay his head, this dog resigned himself to sleeping each night on nothing but a pile of pine needles.

For days, Parker cautiously distanced himself from potential rescuers, the dog apparently unsure if he could trust humans. In the end, animal control officers captured him and brought him to Halfway There Rescue, where he began his rehabilitation with a trusted caretaker by his side.

When Parker moved into his foster home, he was still shy and nervous.

Carrie, Parker’s adoptive mother, told The Dodo:

“At first he was afraid of everything.”

A dog is found in the woods using pine needles as a bed

dog found alone forest wearing pine needles

Despite the difficulties, Carrie was patient with Parker and allowed him to adapt to the times. Luckily, it didn’t take long for Parker to connect with his adoptive siblings: by developing close relationships with them, he was able to rediscover the joys of being a dog.

Carrier added:

“Little by little he got closer to the other dogs. I have a rescued husky-pit mix, Malala, who is a saint and often helps pull frightened dogs out of their shells. Now they play non-stop in the garden and around the house”.

As Parker felt more comfortable in his foster home, his true character began to emerge. It has become apparent that he is a fun-loving, hospitable and laid-back dog when spending time with other dogs, enjoying activities like running, wrestling and digging holes! Carrie said it was wonderful to see him so happy with his family.

dog found alone forest wearing pine needles

Parker still lives with Carrie, striving to gain the self-confidence needed to interact with humans. When the adoptive mother finds her right family, Parker can settle into her new forever home.

The lifeguard says:

“He needs someone who is very patient and understands this is a long-term project to gain your trust.”

dog found alone forest wearing pine needles

After a long period of loneliness, Parker begins to experience the joys of being part of a loving family. Her bravery has allowed her to make incredible progress as she grows more confident every day to show and receive love.

Images: Instagram – halfway_there_rescue

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