Dog Found With Hate Speech And Symbols Drawn On Her Fur Seeks New Family

dog found hate speech symbols drawn her fur

When we think we’ve seen it all, something always surprises us and makes us wonder “how could this have happened?” especially in cases of animal abuse.

In the case of puppies, we are saddened to know that there are people who hurt them with beatings, psychological abuse, abandonment, among other things that we often see in the news or in the everyday life. But even so, they never cease to amaze and obviously touch us.

In the state of Missouri, USA, a 3-month-old dog named Leslie did not go unnoticed outside a house, as she was shaved and also had her whole body full of swastikas that someone one of the very cruel ones had drawn on him, along with a message written on his back saying “Do not feed this dog”.

dog found hate speech symbols drawn her fur
Facebook / Rescue One

An act of hate from every angle, but fortunately the police put an end to this mistreatment by rescuing her from the house where she lived, to send her to the Rescue One shelter in the city of Springfield according to People.

dog found hate speech symbols drawn her fur
Perry Carpenter / People

As soon as she was received at the animal shelter, Leslie received not a bath, but a lot to help her remove those horrible scars from her past life, which thankfully were left behind.

“After many baths and time, all of the swastikas that were drawn on this pretty girl are officially gone!” Rescue One reported on Facebook. “She is a beautiful girl and we are very grateful that we were able to save her,” they added.

dog found hate speech symbols drawn her fur
Sherri Jones / Rescue One

Despite the obvious mistreatment she suffered, her health was so good that she received a certificate to prove it, which allowed her to find a foster home under the care of Perry Carpenter, who is looking for a permanent family for her.

“She doesn’t seem to have any behavioral issues. She is not afraid of humans. I mean, the first day she rolled over and showed my husband her belly, which is a sign that she’s comfortable,” the woman told People.

dog found hate speech symbols drawn her fur
Sherri Jones / Rescue One

Likewise, there have been improvements in her petite body, and although she still has a few scratches since she was shaved, she doesn’t just show off her charming personality.

“She is developing perfectly. She is very affectionate. She likes to sit outside by herself and chew on a stick. We have two dogs and she gets along very well with them. He’s a very nice pup,” Perry said. Although you shouldn’t be guided by his looks, as his barking isn’t what many would expect.

dog found hate speech symbols drawn her fur
Sherri Jones / Rescue One

“She’s got a really deep, funny bark that’s like, ‘Is it from that little thing?'” Leslie’s adoptive mother told People.

“I just hope she finds a happy forever home where she has friends and kids. And I will say I have a dog door and she dominates it. That would be key because I think it gives her independence,” added the woman, adding that a house would be ideal because she barks a lot.

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