When they found him, he was in deplorable condition. No one suspected the beauty that was hidden under the wool

dog found was in deplorable condition
YouTube / The Dodo

Fate did not spare a dog named Lenny. An animal from one shelter went to another. Due to many years of neglect, he had a matted fur problem, which made daily operation difficult. Although he should have received help much sooner, it was only kind-hearted volunteers who freed him from the burden of his matted fur. When they saw what was hidden under the pile of carpets, they couldn’t believe it.

When they met him, the dog was a pile of tangles

When the local animal shelter closed its doors, its residents had to find other housing. Overnight, 387 dogs were left homeless and required treatment. Feeding so many animals was difficult, but the hardest part was providing them with proper care.

“Here we care about every dog and we know that no matter how long it takes, everything will be fine” – reassured the facility that took care of most of the dogs.

Some animals have suffered from years of neglect. One of them was Lenny, a terrier type dog who needed urgent help. His fur was so matted that he looked like a pile of tangled fur. That wasn’t his only problem.

dog found was in deplorable condition
YouTube / The Dodo

“It smells like a mixture of every bad smell I’ve ever smelled in my life,” said one of the rescuers.

They saw no other choice than to take a razor. The dog’s fur was so matted it was painful. Heavy tufts of matted fur pulled at his skin. The animal was in constant pain and was relieved to hear the first cut of the razor.

dog found was in deplorable condition
YouTube / The Dodo

Lenny couldn’t count on tenderness. “He hasn’t been petted in a very long time.”

Shaving his fur wasn’t the only thing the dog needed. Due to the terrible conditions at the previous shelter, the animal had parasite problems. He also hasn’t known love for a long time.

“We removed it and got to work. It was so bad. Lots of fleas and ticks. But as a dog who hadn’t been petted, loved, or shown affection in a very long time, he melted into my lap and turned around to kiss me while we clipped the last hairs from his ear .”

When they took him in, Lenny was accompanied by his friends who also needed help. However, the animal’s condition was the worst, so it was decided that they would take the animals one by one to take care of them as best as possible. But when they returned to the Ensenada shelter, where dozens of dogs were still waiting to be rescued, they were struck by a heartbreaking sight. They didn’t have time to help Lenny’s friends. The animals died before help arrived.

Lenny’s transformation brings tears to his eyes. “We promised him the best host family”

The dog was unrecognizable when the last buzz of the razor sounded. There was no trace of dirty, matted fur. After waxing his hair, Lenny looked like a new person.

The shelter promised it would treat the animal as best it could. He deserved it after years of neglect and ignorance.

“Lenny managed to get out of the Ensenada shelter. Not to his friends. In their honor, we promised him the best foster home” – writes the shelter in a press release.

dog found was in deplorable condition
YouTube / The Dodo

It turned out that people didn’t have to wait long to adopt the dog. Although they were only looking for a foster home for him, where he could slowly recover from the trauma he experienced at the shelter, there was a chance of adoption and moving to a permanent home.

“I took him in and he looked like a plucked chicken. I immediately fell in love with him,” says Christina, the new pet sitter.

Unfortunately, because of his past, Lenny had trouble trusting men. Christina’s son and husband were told that they would have to build a relationship with their pet very slowly. It turned out that this was not necessary. The animal trusted them almost immediately when he first ran up to Christina’s husband and licked his face. He recognized that everyone in his new family wanted his well-being and comfort.

dog found was in deplorable condition
YouTube / The Dodo

“It’s worth giving these dogs a chance. They are so grateful. They love you even more,” Christina said.

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