The Dog George Is Committed To Defending His Loved Ones At All Costs, Even Death. He Gave His Life For Five Children

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We have real animal heroes whose fame has been immortalized in museums and monuments. One of them is a Jack Russell terrier named George. The quadruped is credited with having sacrificed his life to protect five local children. Although he was aware of the fact that in a confrontation with two pit bulls he had little chance of survival, he stopped at nothing. George’s story is one of great friendship and loyalty.

He has a statue of Dżok in Krakow, in Tokyo’s Shibuya district there is a similar one dedicated to an Akita named Hachiko, while in New Zealand the dog George has become a symbol of canine loyalty. What made him so special among the rest of the quadrupeds?

Jack Russell Terrier called George – a big hero in the body of a small dog

George, a beloved jack russell terrier, was a friendly, if elderly, couch potato in New Zealand. The dog lived with its owner, widower Alan Gay. He enjoyed the company of local children, whom he often accompanied on the way to the local store. He was overwhelmed with a sense of responsibility, which is why he never took his eyes off the little ones and watched over their safety.

On April 29, 2007, a 14-year-old dog went for a walk with a group of five children between the ages of 3 and 12. The children had a craving for sweets, but the joy of being able to taste the treats soon gave way to horror when two pit bulls rushed into the road. The animals most likely escaped from an unsecured property. Unlike George, they were not friendly to strangers. Growling and showing their teeth in an aggressive gesture, they were about to attack the youngest.

Thanks to George’s sacrifice, the children had time to escape

An attack by the dangerous pit bulls was only a matter of time, but George wasn’t going to drop a hair of his “service” to one of the kids. The animal forgot its own weaknesses and limitations caused by age and heart disease – in a life-threatening situation of the children who accompanied it, it encountered much stronger opponents.

George threw himself between the pit bulls and a group of toddlers, allowing the little ones to escape and turn to the adults for help. Although one of the attackers grabbed him by the head and the other sunk his fangs into his back, the jack russell terrier fought like a lion.

Soon, a crowd of local residents swarmed the scene, who together pulled the little dog from the jaws of the attackers, then chased the pit bulls to the property. Unfortunately, injuries sustained in the fight spelled a tragic end to the duel for George.

George made history

In this case, the saying “heal like a dog” did not translate into reality. George was rushed to the nearest veterinary clinic, where doctors stretched out their hands helplessly. The dog had so many scars that the only solution was to show him mercy and put him down. The owner of the animal reluctantly agreed to put his four-legged friend to sleep to save him further suffering.

A similar fate befell the disorganized and wandering attackers who were caught the next day on the streets of the city. Both pit bulls were euthanized and their irresponsible owner was put on trial. The dramatic event also gave rise to intensive actions aimed at eliminating all unregistered pets from the group of breeds considered to be aggressive, which could pose a threat to the environment.

George’s heroism has been recognized around the world and he has received posthumous awards from animal charities in New Zealand, the US and the UK, including the Purple Heart, a US military decoration for injuries on the battlefield. George was also singled out by the Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which awarded him a medal for bravery. The Jack Russell Terrier was the first non-police dog to receive such an honor in 17 years.

In the spring of 2007, a bronze statue by Fridtjof Hanson of New Plymouth depicting George was unveiled in Manaia. Undoubtedly, the heroic dog proved that animals save lives spontaneously and selflessly, without thinking of themselves or the benefits.

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