This Dog Is Very Happy After Donating Blood To Save The Life Of A Puppy

dog happy save puppy

An adorable little dog did something unusual but very adorable. 7-year-old furry Jax donated blood to save the life of an anemic puppy. Jennifer Fowler’s mother Jax, who is also a veterinarian, said her dog was very happy to help.

Jennifer told LADbible:

He enjoys any type of treatment and remains very still during any type of procedure. That day [donated blood] we had a very anemic puppy knocking on the death door. There were hardly any red blood cells left in the poor puppy’s body, so he needed a transfusion.

The dog is very happy after donating blood

dog happy save puppy

Jennifer says these types of donations are very difficult to come by, and veterinary staff sometimes offer their own pets to help alleviate the situation when it’s not risky.

dog happy save puppy

The woman’s husband drove Jax to the clinic 10 minutes from their home.

Jennifer remembers:

He was delighted to see everyone and stood very still as we shaved a small piece of fur on his neck and cleaned it so that the site could be sterile.

dog happy save puppy

They drew blood from his neck for about 30 seconds, while he waited wagging his tail and receiving kisses he did not cry at any time.

Her mother added:

After about 30 seconds it was all over and she had plenty of treats and a high calorie snack of wet food as well as water and was able to relax in a super comfy bed for the rest of the afternoon midday.

dog happy save puppy

His mother is proud not only of Jax’s courage. Seeing his dog happy after that, it was as if he knew he was helping and was satisfied.

Jennifer added:

Due to the puppy’s small size, this bag was sufficient for three transfusions. The puppy improved considerably and returned home a few days later.

dog happy save puppy

Without a doubt, the dog is very happy to have donated blood to help another puppy, and everyone is very proud of his bravery. Jax is definitely a great boy.

Images: Instagram / jaxandtitus

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