The Dog Hears The Baby Cry And Does Not Leave Him Alone Until He Calms Him Down

dog hear baby cry calm him down

This adorable dog hears the baby cry inconsolably and decides not to leave him until the little one is completely calm

The tender moment of interaction between a Labrador Retriever in love with a year and a half and the little baby of a family in the United States, were the protagonists of this beautiful video that has gone viral. The dog named Dexter, was enveloped in a perfect scene full of tenderness in which you can see how he approached his one-month-old human brother named Carter to calm his crying with gentle licks.

The adorable moment was recorded by mother Carter, who was completely in awe and awe as this magical moment was one of the first contacts her dog had with the newly arrived baby.

The woman was very happy to see that her beloved dog was reacting so well to the presence of the new member of the family.

The dog hears the baby cry and does not leave him until he calms down

dog hear baby cry calm him down

ViralHog wrote:

Dexter has been absolutely amazing with Carter and he wants to be wherever he is. Whenever Carter cries, Dex comes over and tries to lick his head or comfort him.

Discover the adorable moment in video:

Of course, the baby’s parents, as a precaution when arriving from the hospital with the little one, kept Dexter separate from the baby for a while, until he got used to their presence.

And everything indicates that the dog appears to be a wonderful and adorable older brother.

dog hear baby cry calm him down

The love for his new younger brother is so great that Dexter can never hear him cry at any time, as he immediately comes to his side to lick him and thus help him calm down. He is really a very cute boy.

The video has racked up over thousands of views and countless comments full of love for the dog.

dog hear baby cry calm him down

Dexter has developed a connection with the baby of the family, and now his protective instinct gives us adorable moments like the one in this video.

Images: YouTube/ ViralHog

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