This Loving Dog Brightens The Life Of A 9-Year-Old Boy Who Can’t Walk

dog helps paralyzed child

The unconditional love and companionship of a pet brings unparalleled joy to our lives. This dog helps a nine year old boy named Johnny, he suffers from quadriplegic cerebral palsy, but since Lexi is present in his life, things are much easier for him, before she appeared, he was depressed.

This boy’s condition prevents him from breathing without the presence of a special machine, he cannot eat without help, he suffers from seizures and lacks control over his body, Katherine Scandasis-Finn, Johnny’s mother, says he can’t sit still for long periods of time, so the little one stays in bed and hooked up to a machine nearly 24 hours a day.

dog helps paralyzed child

Although Johnny cannot lead the normal life of a child his age, he is aware of what is going on around him, but he cannot react.

Her mother explained to The Dodo:

“He’s trapped in his body.”

dog helps paralyzed child

Lexi is a sweet and very loving golden retriever, but her life hasn’t been easy either, she was abandoned by her family at the Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue animal rescue center, this dog was really emaciated and she doesn’t was only 5 months old.

dog helps paralyzed child

Johnny and Lexi are inseparable

Lexi’s adoptive mother helped her improve her health.

Lauri Neale, rescue center coordinator said:

“The first thing Lexi’s adoptive mother did was give her a bath. The fleas were literally ripped out of her. The next stop was the vet. The vet discovered that Lexi had intestinal worms and two seromas of the size of a lemon in the back. It probably happened because she was on a concrete surface all day and all night she was treated and vaccinated.”

dog helps paralyzed child

“When the adoptive mother got to know Lexi, she realized she was a special pup. He also realized that Lexi was thoughtful, sensitive and mature beyond her years. She decided that Lexi had need a home where she could have a lot of interaction.”

dog helps paralyzed child

Katherine decided to adopt Lexi to be by her son’s side, Neale and the adoptive mother thought Lexi and the child would get along just fine.

Johnny is happy thanks to Lexi

When the dog was brought to the home of the little boy, who lives in Houston, Texas, he behaved like a 5-month-old puppy, that is, he showed great hyperactivity and sniffed all home, but when he saw Johnny he started acting different.

Catherine said:

“He immediately stopped, calmed down and climbed very carefully onto the bed. I stayed behind and saw her, and didn’t say anything to her. He carefully walked around him, taking care not to touch any wires or tubes, moved to the right side against Johnny’s side and rested her head on his shoulder.”

dog helps paralyzed child

Johnny also started behaving differently when he met Lexi.

“Johnny’s face lit up, something we rarely see. I was shocked. I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

dog helps paralyzed child

It all came naturally, Lexi had never been trained to deal with children with this type of condition, in fact she had never been with children in her entire life.

“His reaction to Johnny was based purely on his incredible instincts.”

dog helps paralyzed child

Since the day Lexi and Johnny met, they’ve been inseparable, napping together, watching TV together, and playing games together.

“Lexi and Johnny are playing catch at home. I throw the tennis ball and Lexi brings it back and places it on or near Johnny’s hand.”

This dog helps a paralyzed child and makes him happy

Lexi is a great help when the child is in therapy.

“She keeps her mind busy while the therapists stretch her muscles, which is painful for him. When Lexi is with Johnny, all of her muscles relax, which makes therapy less painful. Johnny cries during therapy unless Lexi be there for him so that he can caress her.”

dog helps paralyzed child

“Lexi starts pacing the room if Johnny cries or throws a tantrum. She gives him lots of kisses on the cheeks and licks his hands. It takes a lot to make Johnny laugh and smile, and that happens instantly when Lexi meets him or when they play together. His face lights up when he knows Lexi is with him.”

dog helps paralyzed child

Lexi came into Johnny’s life a year ago, and his family finds it impossible to imagine a life without her.

“She brought our family together because we know Johnny is happy he has her, and she entertains him while we are busy leading Johnny’s medical team and making sure he is medically stable. Johnny would be a very depressed kid without Lexi, I can tell you that.”

Images: Golden Beginnings

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