Dog Insists On Protecting Pregnant Owner Wherever She Goes

Dog insists protecting pregnant owner

This adopted dog insists on protecting his pregnant mom, spending his time near her without neglecting her safety.

Jess Christoffers is a young pregnant mother from Phoenix, Arizona (USA) who lives with her dogs Rocky and Diogee, who take care of her and have become obsessed with her pregnancy.

Jess adopted Rocky a little over a month ago with the idea that he will be a good companion for Diogee.

She said to the Dodo:

I knew Diogee would need a friend to stay busy when the baby arrived.

Dog insists protecting pregnant owner

What Jess never imagined was Rocky’s reaction to her pregnancy, the dog is always with her and her future baby. Now he watches and protects her all the time, he is always on the lookout for what’s going on around.

Jess says:

The two are constantly attached to me, Diogee used to greet my boyfriend at the door, but now he sits down and stays with me.

Dog insists protecting pregnant owner

As her belly grows, her two dogs’ interest in her increases.

Jess added:

They both rest on my stomach

Dog insists protecting pregnant owner

Dogs are persuasive animals and have the ability to even detect changes in the chemistry of the human body, such as hormonal levels during pregnancy, mood swings and the like, which cause them to develop this protective instinct towards them. Foster mother.

Rocky and Diogee are a clear example, because in the past month they have turned their attention to their adoptive mother, staying with her and taking care of every move.

Dog insists protecting pregnant owner

The young pregnant mother comments:

Diogee has been watching the house like crazy lately, the delivery drivers don’t even like coming near the window of our living room, it got worse near the date of birth.

Jess works in a dog nursery, thanks to this their puppies do not stay alone, while their mother works, they have fun in the company of other dogs, resting from their obligations as guardians.

With little to do before the baby arrives, the family is finalizing the details, the dogs are impatiently waiting to meet their new brother, and Jess hopes to reclaim some of his personal space, confident that Rocky and Diogee will take care of her and the baby and protect him as they did.

Images: Instagram / Jess Christoffers


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