Dog Interrupts Woman’s Birthday Surprise And Asks To Be Rescued

Dog interrupts surprise birthday woman asks rescued

A dog walking disoriented in a parking lot interrupts a woman’s birthday surprise and changes her plans.

Brianna Hagood’s husband Tyler had planned to surprise his girlfriend with a wonderful weekend at the beach to celebrate her birthday. They were both excited, as it was the perfect opportunity to relax a bit, but along the way, they would find something that would change their plans.

It turns out that when they stopped to buy food, Brianna noticed a dog without a collar wandering all over the parking lot.

Brianna told The Dodo:

I looked at Tyler and I said, BABY! He looked at me and said, no, honey, we’re going to the beach! As I continued towards the window, I raised my voice a little excitedly, reminding myself: I can save this dog if I want to because it’s my birthday!

Dog interrupts wife’s birthday surprise


At that moment, the cashier opened the window to take the order and, although she was a little surprised, she said to Tyler: She should save that dog, it’s his birthday! Additionally, he added that the dog had been in the parking lot all morning, prompting Brianna to help him out.

The woman jumped out of the car and approached, the dog also approached a bit wagging its tail, and they both sat down in a parking lot. Brianna had no doubt that the little dog would accompany them on the trip and thus help her out of the streets.

Blu in the car

Tyler took the food, then parked the car near where Brianna was sitting with the cutest, friendliest dog in town.

Brianna commented:

I opened the car door and asked him if he wanted to come in, and before I was done asking, he was in my car and was sitting…

Apparently, the decision was already made from the start, since, since Brianna got out of the car, she was ready to help the dog.

Dog interrupts surprise

The couple took the time to find out about the various businesses nearby and learn a little more about the dog. But everyone answered the same thing, that it arrived in the morning and no one knew where it came from or who it belonged to.

On the way to the hotel, the couple stopped at a veterinary clinic to see if he was microchipped, but he had no identification.

So, the next stop was a Walmart, where they would get all the supplies, they needed to run the dog through the weekend.

Blu at the vet

Luckily, they had thought about bringing their pet, but then changed their minds and so booked a dog-friendly room at the hotel. A fact that makes it seem like fate had arranged everything for this rescue dog, and he was very comfortable with the attention.

Then, they settled in the room and their new friend didn’t hesitate to sit next to them, he seemed to know exactly what he had to do.

Every minute she spent with the dog, Brianna fell more in love with him and, even though it was unplanned, so did Tyler.

Blu visits the vet

Brianna added:

While I was brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed, I heard Tyler playing with him. When I came out of the bathroom, Tyler had invited the little dog to bed…

Tyler’s heart knew it was the best decision, otherwise they would have spent the whole walk thinking about the dog in the parking lot.

The couple snuggled up to the dog all night and the next day he joined them in all the anniversary festivities.

puppy on the beach

During the day, the dog acted as if he had known the couple for a long time, but soon they would be reunited with their real family. Turns out a family commented on Brianna’s social media post, so they dropped her off at her real house on the way home.

There they realized the dog was called Blu and had escaped from the yard while his relatives were at work. Brianna was very sad to say goodbye to her new friend, but at the same time she was happy to have found her real family.

blu rescued

Tyler and his wife returned home after a hectic weekend, but the story wouldn’t end there. Blu’s family reached out to them again, asking if they wanted to adopt him, as things weren’t going as planned.

Everyone knew that Blu had become very close to them and the couple quickly accepted the proposal and organized everything to receive him.

Blu New Home

Brianna said:

Blu came to our house on Thursday and is perfectly fine. He stays close to my waist all the time…He’s the best guy and we love him.

Throughout the weekend, Brianna felt in her heart that Blu was a gift from fate, and it seemed like she was absolutely right.

You can follow Blu’s updates on TikTok.

Images: Brianna Hagood


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