Little Dog Is So Happy After Rescuers Released Her From A Heavy Chain

dog is happy released heavy chain

Although some people think that a chain is convenient and light to tie a dog, the reality is very different and even dangerous. Certain chains can be very heavy, as they are made of a strong metal material and their weight varies depending on their size and thickness.

But it seems that the owner of an old and abandoned lot did not take into account any consideration with this dog, which had a very heavy chain tied around her neck, and although it was loose, the weight of it did not allow her to carry out different activities.

Luckily, a group of volunteers who belong to Stray Rescue of St. Louie, found out about the dog’s situation and came to her place to help her.

Little dog is happy to get her freedom

Rescued dog

When they came to rescue her, the dog left walking with great difficulty to move since the chain was dragging all over the ground.

Dog barking

A volunteer tried to get close to her, but the dog began to bark in a desperate way, because she did not know that they were going to free her and they were strangers to her. The woman tried to gain her trust a bit and decided to throw some goodies at her; after all, sandwiches are usually a good option.

Fallon receiving treats

The treats worked perfectly, so the rescuer was able to get her inside her car and then they drove to her shelter.

Upon arriving at the shelter, another volunteer helped the dog out of the car, while the rescuer removed the heavy chain from the vehicle. At that time, she could be heard as the chain collided and slid across the car, giving a great impression of its length and weight.

Rescued dog released

The chain was so heavy that it weighed almost the same as the dog, luckily, she would soon be freed from that suffering.

Nobody understood how a person could do that to a dog, but they did know that said individual should not have pets in his life. The good thing about it was that things would soon change and the dog was about to feel something that she had not felt in many years.

Fallon getting out of the car

One of the rescuers finally removed the chains from her neck, and the dog named Fallon Marie showed her joy with her adorable attitude.

Apparently, she was relieved that she no longer had that weight on her and her happy face was not long in coming.

Workers at the site decided to weigh the chain and found that it weighed almost 10 pounds, they were shocked at the data and devastated by Fallon Marie.

People always say, “A weight has been lifted off my shoulders,” but surely, if a chain like this is removed, it feels a lot better.


It is not known how long Fallon Marie spent with this chain, but the truth is that she will not have to worry about it again. She now she has the cutest smile, she enjoys her life like a happy puppy and is grateful to have gotten a second chance in her life.

Relieved dog

Thanks to the shelter volunteers, her Fallon Marie was able to be rescued in time and now she just hopes she can find a loving family.

Images: Facebook / Stray Rescue of St. Louis

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