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How do you know if your dog is jealous of your partner? Don’t Ignore These 5 Behaviors

Jealousy is a feeling that is supposed to protect us from competitors, which is why it is a relatively common phenomenon in both the human and canine world. Our dogs can feel neglected and rejected when the family grows at some point – with a child, another pet and sometimes a new partner for their owner. How do you know if an animal is jealous? Our pets exhibit 5 behaviors that indicate a strong need for closeness. We will tell you what to do in such a situation.

Jealousy in dogs – how to deal with this feeling in our pets

Although it is difficult to admit it, each of us has experienced jealousy at least once in our life – about various things and other people. This feeling is not foreign to pets, whose jealousy usually appears when their position in the family is threatened and they feel the need to protect resources, in this case the guardian. Pets are excellent observers, and a sudden change in situation or environment, and therefore the owner spending more time on other people or other activities, is reason enough for them to start to worry.

Although scientists are not unanimous on the question of which emotions require more developed cognitive functions, such as jealousy or shame, their guardians have a slightly different point of view on this question. According to many people who care for pets, dogs can show visible dissatisfaction when a rival appears on the horizon and effectively distract the owner’s attention from themselves.

From the dog’s point of view, a new partner is potential competition for the owner’s heart, which is why the animal often tries to “get back” its beloved human, and its behavior may exceed the behavioral limits that we we are able to accept. . So how do we know if our dog is jealous of the person we are dating?

5 Dog Behaviors That Indicate Your Partner’s Jealousy

Jealousy towards a dog’s partner can manifest itself in different ways. One of the most noticeable changes in an animal’s behavior is the destruction of things to which it had not previously paid attention. The tendency to destroy things and make messes around the house, especially if your pet has never chewed furniture or destroyed shoes before, is a clear sign that your pet is feeling stressed and frustrated. This way, the person in his care is trying to attract attention and is willing to be punished just to get noticed.

The second sign of jealousy may be imposing yourself on members of your household. If you notice that your dog comes between you and your partner, especially when you show affection, and that he desperately wants to be held or petted, you must conclude that he The animal is jealous. It’s worth spending time with your pet to make them feel appreciated and loved.

Another important question is to present yourself to the owner. In a situation where the dog has never been involved in various kinds of tricks, and after the arrival of a new family member at home, he unexpectedly shows off without anyone asking him, consider this a clear sign of jealousy.

When we pay too much attention to our partner and not enough to the dog, we may also encounter unpleasant surprises along the way. In such a situation, our pets may often do their business at home as a sign of protest and to mark their territory.

Another sign of jealousy can be excessive licking of body parts, such as paws. Let’s not forget that licking and biting are behaviors that allow the dog to relax and soothe. They can therefore be a way for the dog to divert its attention from a stressful stimulus and to relieve difficult emotions linked to a change in environment, the expansion of the family and separation anxiety.

What to do when our dog is jealous of our girlfriend or boyfriend?

If our pet exhibits several of the behaviors above, we need to ask ourselves if we are giving them enough attention in the face of change in our emotional life. Of course, love has its own rules, and the feeling of falling in love can make a new boy or girl the center of attention, which can be a very painful experience for our pet. Then you should not get angry, but consider the animal’s behavior as a sign and an opportunity to improve its relationships with people who may stay in your joint life longer.

When a new partner appears in our life, it is worth working on creating positive associations with the visits of a loved one. To make the animal feel good in a new situation, you need to spend time together, take walks together or feed it with treats, so that your dog feels appreciated and confident in the feelings we have for him.

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