This dog can’t contain his joy when he meets his adoptive family for the first time (video)

dog joy meets adoptive family
Molly Steele

When she went to a conference at work, she didn’t expect to come back with her dog. Seeing a neglected animal wandering the street, she had to help it. The student was lucky. He didn’t hit anyone but the manager of the animal shelter. The woman did not yet know that the abandoned dog has so much love to give.

She felt the animal’s eyes on her. She had to save him

Shelby Davis had to go on a trip to Arizona because of her job. When she wanted to check into the hotel before midnight, she discovered that her reservation had expired a few hours earlier. Resigned, she decided to somehow survive the night by sleeping in the car.

As she walked around the parking lot, she felt watched. A pair of eyes stared at her in the dark. As the director of an animal shelter, Shelby knew right away that glow-in-the-dark eyes belonged to a dog. She didn’t think she had to save an animal at night, but she was always ready.

dog joy meets adoptive family
Molly Steele

He was grateful that he no longer had to sleep on the streets

The woman cautiously approached the animal. When she got close, she noticed that the dog was in a terrible state. He was emaciated and his fur was covered in spots. Fortunately, he let himself be taken and carried to the car. Inside the vehicle, the dog sat up.

“She put him in the van and he wouldn’t come out,” Molly Steele, the pup’s temporary mom, said. “He was very happy to be off the streets.

dog joy meets adoptive family
Molly Steele

It wasn’t long before Braydon, as he was known, began to feel comfortable with the woman who had saved him. He reveled in her and nibbled greedily on the food offered. The woman knew she had to take him to the vet immediately. She returned to her hometown in Colorado that same evening and took her pet to the clinic.

The dog was immediately bathed and examined. Treatment began immediately. Braydon being emaciated, the priority was to feed him. His body was covered with wounds that needed healing. Plus, her sloppy coat was taken care of.

dog joy meets adoptive family
Molly Steele

When he saw the new master, he immediately showered him with kisses

Soul Dog Rescue volunteer Molly Steele immediately fell in love with Braydon. Less than a week after they first met, she decided to adopt him. She was to become his temporary family and take care of the animal while he is still under treatment.

Braydon’s first meeting with his foster family was emotional. The dog immediately jumped on the new master and enthusiastically started licking his face and kissing him.

“Braydon immediately loved being with his new foster family,” Molly said. He kept hugging and kissing. It was as if he already knew us.

When the dog entered the new house, he could not hide his joy. He was jumping around the apartment and couldn’t decide which of the many beds he would sleep in.

“He was going from one dog bed to another,” Molly said. “I don’t think he’s ever slept on anything so soft.”

Braydon was also expecting a meeting with his canine siblings. In the house apart from him lived three other rescued dogs. Fortunately, they immediately liked each other and Braydon joined their happy group.

“He loves every dog he meets,” Molly said. “We have three other dogs at the shelter and he gets along well with them.

dog joy meets adoptive family
Molly Steele

Brayden’s personality blossomed in the new home. The dog is not yet ready to leave it and look for a new family. For now, his caregivers are focused on his recovery. They know he’ll have to leave them eventually, and even though it will break their hearts, they think the perfect family is waiting for the dog somewhere.

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