They kept the dog purely for profit, exhausted her body and threw her away. This is what it looks like

dog kept purely for profit /soszwierz

An abandoned Doberman dog was found near the village of Gomunice, located in Łódź Voivodeship. After the intervention of activists from a local organization helping homeless animals, it turned out that she was a dog being treated like a money-making machine. When she stopped giving birth, someone treated her like trash and left her to fend for herself.

A neglected dog wandered in the countryside

SOS Zwierz Aleksandrów Łódzki activists were informed of the existence of a neglected Doberman dog wandering in the village of Gomunice. This small town is located in the Łódź voivodeship.

Alerted volunteers immediately began to intervene. They managed to catch and secure the dog. It turned out to be a female who had certainly given birth several times during her life. Additionally, it is extremely neglected.

She weighs only 19 kilograms, while the norm for female Dobermans is around 35 kilograms.

dog kept purely for profit /soszwierz

The neglected dog was a money-making machine

The dog’s name is Sofia. Due to her condition, she was immediately taken to the veterinary office. It turned out that she wasn’t just extremely emaciated. It also fights against parasites and internal and external abrasions, sources of great discomfort.

At the same time, activists know that the fate of the Doberman can be changed: “There is hope. Sofia has been entrusted to our care, but the road to her health will be long and demanding. You have to take care of your diagnosis, your hospital stay, your nutrition, the treatment of wounds…

Specialists estimated that his treatment would cost more than 9000 dollars. This is why a collection was organized for this purpose. The activists who took care of her unfortunately do not have such resources. Anyone who would like to help save this poor dog can donate any amount <HERE>.

dog kept purely for profit /soszwierz

Everyone can help. The identity of the Doberman’s executioner must be established

Everything indicates that Sofia has been treated for years as a money-making machine. She gave birth to puppies and at the same time could not count on the satisfaction of her basic needs. When she stopped fulfilling her role, someone treated her like trash: “Sofia went through many difficult situations, including multiple pregnancies and childbirths, leaving her physically and emotionally scarred. »

You can help save a neglected dog by joining the fundraiser. But this is not the only possible form of support. Anyone who has information about its owner should inform the activists caring for Sofia.

It is equally important to share Sofia’s story. The more people learn about how she was treated, the more likely the animal abuser will be identified.

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