Dog Knows He Has To Diet When Stuck In The Dog Door

dog diet stuck door

An adorable chubby dog ​​who was rescued from the streets had to be put on a diet because he had gained so many extra pounds and got stuck in the dog gate. Drax, had been rescued two years ago; at that time he had only skin on his bones, you could tell that life on the streets was difficult for him.

The first time they saw him was in front of a supermarket in a small Australian town, the dog was alone and scared.

Fortunately, his life has changed and now Drax is a very spoiled dog, who leads a happy life with his mother Charmaine Hulley.

Dog is put on a diet after getting stuck in the door

Lying drax

Indeed, it was Charmaine’s sister who found Drax, when she saw him, the first thing she did was convince her husband to bring him home.

Charmaine told UNILAD:

His toenails were eaten away from constant walking and he had calluses on his body from lying on hard surfaces and he was missing all of his front teeth except his canines.

Drax with brothers

When Drax arrived at Charmaine’s sister’s house the dog was not looking at anyone or eating, he seemed completely terrified. The caring Charmaine, who was living with her sister at the time, made the decision to take care of Drax.

She helped him with his health problems and also helped him get back the much needed weight.

Drax stuck door

Then Charmaine met her current partner Taylor, and soon after, decided to move in with him within 4 hours. But she took Drax with her, along with three other small dogs and a puppy she had recently rescued.

For strictly personal reasons, Charmaine had to return to live with her mother for a few months, leaving the dogs with her boyfriend.

Dog on the Drax diet

During this time, Drax ended up putting on a few extra pounds, which became evident when Taylor and the dogs visited Charmaine.

As the adorable Drax played with the other dogs, he walked through the small dog door and got stuck in it. The incident was so comical that different funny images showed the poor dog stranded, walking through the house with the door stuck in his waist.

Stuck drax

According to Charmaine, Drax’s weight gain has an explanation, as Taylor works long hours, ending up giving him human food in his absence. So the dog had gotten used to having too much beef steak and too much KFC on his meal menu.

Now Taylor has strict instructions for changing his food so that he can refill him with normal dog food.

Dog stuck diet

Although the dog door at Charmaine’s mother’s house was intended for small dogs, it was clear that Drax would be trapped. However, the door to Taylor and Charmaine’s house is larger and more forgiving on the stomach, but it does adjust a bit.

Charmaine said:

I’m still at my mom’s and he’s back with Taylor, he says he’s cutting down on his food, but I really don’t know if he’s doing that or he’s just saying it.

Trapped Drax

The woman shared photos of the Drax incident on the Dogspotting Facebook group, along with a funny caption: “Time to diet.”

Upon learning of the curious post, users fell completely in love with Drax; they love his antics and his smile.

Dog on a diet

Charmaine added:

He is the most placid dog I have ever met. He loves everyone and you can put him anywhere and there is no separation anxiety or anything. In two years, I have heard him bark twice. It’s no problem, everyone loves it. He is so sweet and spoiled.

Images: Charmaine Hulley

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