Dog Learns To “talk” By Pressing A Custom Button Board

dog learn talk box

Christina Hunger, 26, is a speech and language pathologist, and is also the mother of an intelligent 18-month-old dog named Stella who has learned to communicate using a button board.

The woman claims that Stella has managed to learn 29 words and even form sentences to express things like that she is tired after playing and that she now wants to take a nap.

The device helps the dog communicate thoughts and feelings by pressing the buttons corresponding to each word that Christina recorded and programmed into it.

Little dog learns to talk by means of a board with buttons

dog learn talk box

One day the dog was restless and complaining at the front door of the house. she was walking from one place to another and Christina assumed that she wanted to get out of it, but Stella walked over to the device and communicated by means of three words, “I want to”, “Jake” “Come”. She then she stood in front of the door again and waited until Christina’s fiancé, Jake, returned home.

When Jake arrived, the dog immediately pressed “Happy” and then rolled over for a tummy rub.

dog learn talk box

Christina told PEOPLE:

I am in constant amazement and shock. Every day she says something cooler than what she said the day before.

The woman works in San Diego with children ages 1 and 2, many of whom also use adaptive devices to communicate.

dog learn talk box

Stella began learning this communication method when she was about 8 weeks old, and Christina claims that the way she communicates and the words she uses are similar to those of a 2-year-old.

dog learn talk box

When Stella learned the word “walk,” she was quite excited and used it repeatedly.

dog learn talk box

Christina said:

I didn’t realize how long she was waiting to say it.

dog learn talk box

The woman plans to continue teaching Stella new words and even teaching other dogs to “talk”, because this could undoubtedly create a deeper bond between them and their families, as has happened between Christina and Stella.

dog learn talk box

If you want to know more about Stella and her incredible ability, you can follow her on her Instagram account.

Images: Instagram / hunger4words

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