Until recently, he lived on the streets, waiting for his family in the rain. This recording changed his life

dog lived on the street changed life

A video of a wet dog in the rain, his face expressing indescribable sadness, has taken the internet by storm. The animal faithfully waited for its owner and was not afraid of even adverse weather conditions. This video is another confirmation of dogs’ loyalty to their owners. Fortunately, they are together again.

It’s hard to believe this story actually happened. The author of the recording that appeared on the web wanted to show the dog’s behavior, but he certainly did not expect that thanks to him, the dog’s life would turn one hundred and eighty degrees. People who are particularly sensitive and not indifferent to the fate of animals should get some handkerchiefs before reading it.

The dog had been sitting motionless outside the store for several days

All of the action took place in Sembilan, Malaysia. TikTok user Jim recorded a dog sitting outside the store. The animal had very sad eyes and behaved as if it was waiting for someone. Even if he had not moved from his location for several days, the owner, much sought after, did not honor him with his presence.

The attitude of the dog did not escape the attention of passers-by. Some were even tempted to feed the sad creature, and although he gladly took advantage of the treats offered to him, the expression on his sad face did not change at all. One of the most emotional moments was when the animal stood still, even when it started to rain heavily. He was staring straight ahead, and absolutely nothing could disturb his anticipation of his protector’s appearance.

@jimjimmie Replying to @ciktarusma Kesetiaan yg tiada penghujung. kesian dia😌 #anjingjalanan ♬ Kiss the Rain – Elise Bechstein

A woman recognized her missing dog on TikTok

Jim, who shared the video of the dog, tried to call him to offer him shelter, but was undisturbed. A few days later, one of the local portals published information that TikTok registered by a man had helped the dog find its guardian.

Vaani is a woman who experienced real horror eight months ago. Her beloved dog Bairava disappeared one day without a trace. Her tutor was sure she would never see her four-legged friend again, until she came across a video circulating online showing a dog that looked like Bairava.

@jimjimmie #anjingjalanan ♬ Lagu Sedih – Muhammad abdul jafar

“I went there and called her by her name”

The ‘SAYS’ website reports that when Vaani saw the sad dog sitting in front of the store, she immediately went there. Although she was convinced it was her missing dog, she was worried that he wouldn’t remember her.

– I went there and called her by her name… – the woman recalls, to which the dog immediately recognized her guardian. We all cried and hugged

It turns out that the woman and her dog have a long history behind them. Well, 5 years ago, Vaani adopted Bairava while she was on the loose. While the woman was suffering from a serious illness, one day the dog simply did not come home. To this day, what happened to him during this time remains a mystery.

The most important thing is that Vaani and Bairava are together again. The TikTok user who posted the video probably even in his wildest dreams never expected to contribute to such a happy ending to this story.

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