Dog That Lived On The Street Tries To Gather The Necessary Courage To Enter His New Home

dog lived street tries to gather courage to enter home

Life for most dogs abandoned on the streets is very difficult, and sometimes it tends to directly affect their behavior, however, their nobility and shyness always come out, as happened with a dog that lived on the street, and now You have trouble believing that you can enter your new home.

Samantha Zimmer, a volunteer who rescues and raises needy dogs in Houston, Texas, received a call alerting them to a litter of homeless dogs. The woman who sent the message had been feeding these puppies every day in the same place, but she needed help.

When Samantha learned that a major snowstorm was approaching in Texas, she decided to rescue as many homeless dogs as possible.

Dog that lived on the street entered his new home

Samantha told The Dodo:

“We got three dogs from that pack that day and Boomer was one of them.”

The dog called Boomer, was the one that attracted the most attention of all, because he was very shy and it was very difficult to get him to safety.

Apparently, he had had a very difficult life on the streets and did not want to get close or let anyone get close to him, he was very fearful and elusive. But, after several attempts they managed to catch him, and they took him to the vet for a complete medical check-up and to determine his health.

The vet discovered that he had heartworm disease, had an untreated fracture to one of his legs, and had been shot at some point with a pellet gun.

But, perhaps Boomer’s saddest situation happened the moment he moved into Samantha’s house.

Although everyone showed their affection for him, when he entered his new house he was not sure if they would allow him to do so. No matter how much encouragement he received, the puppy stayed at the door and did not go beyond there, he had never been allowed into a house.

Samantha added:

“One day I was going to work and I wanted to see if I would go in alone. In fact, we had carried it inside most of the time. Obviously, they had never let him in and he wanted to.”

After realizing that everything was fine and that this was his new home, Boomer finally entered and received many caresses.

Samantha has spent a long time trying to gain the puppy’s trust and let him know that he will never be out on the street again. Little by little, Boomer is beginning to understand that he is a beloved dog and that he has a new life.

Now the noble little dog walks slowly through the door, but he always checks that his foster mother agrees to move on. Boomer enjoys his new life and loves spending time snuggling up on the couch with his host family and receiving lots of love.

Samantha is confident that Boomer will soon be ready for adoption, and that he will have no trouble finding a forever home.

After all, Boomer has proven to be a very sweet, noble and affectionate little dog, which will allow him to fit into any family.

If you want to know more about Boomer, you can follow Samantha through his Instagram account.

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