This Bulldog Loves Looking At The Street Through A Hole, So His Owners Are Painting 2 Suits On The Fence

dog look people hole fence suits

It’s true, many dogs like to watch what’s going on around them, but this bulldog named Bogart has a very particular way of doing it.

Bogart is 4 years old, lives with his human parents and his bulldog mother named Wiston, in an old house, in southern Jutland, Denmark. The dog loves attention, but when his parents built a fence around his yard that was too high for him, he wasn’t too happy.

Bulldog watches people go through a hole

dog look people hole fence suits

The fence was built to prevent Wiston from jumping over it, but unfortunately it got in the way of the daily activity of being able to people watch.

Ranveig Bjørklid Levinsen, Bogart’s mother, told The Dodo:

“My husband made a new fence because our older dog was able to jump over the old one. They are very curious and always want to see what’s going on.”

dog look people hole fence suits

The family home is next to a popular hiking trail, so many people cross it. Bogart liked people watching. So, to try and satisfy the pup’s need, Ranveig’s husband had a peculiar idea, he decided to put two holes in the fence.

The holes would be large enough for both dogs to stick their heads out and still be entertained by people watching.

dog look people hole fence suits

Now the dog looks at people through the holes, and thus delights in developing the activity he likes the most, and in doing so, makes new friends.

Although Bogart was happy, the holes looked pretty plain, so to add some humor, Ranveig offered to paint the holes. She thought it would be really fun if she painted the holes on the other side and made them look like a photo prop.

ranveig said:

“I thought painting the exterior like in amusement parks, where you can take your picture with these kind of holes, was a fun idea. I chose a crown and a jester’s hat, and my daughter Cecilie painted it.”

dog look people hole fence suits

In general, Bogart tends to take the hole in the crown, which makes sense, since he’s known as the prince of the hearth. The dog is characterized by being very affectionate, friendly and curious, without a doubt he likes to look through the hole to meet new people.

Ranveig said:

“He is very affectionate, loyal and stubborn. If there is something you don’t want to do, you won’t do it. He likes it when you have guests, if there are a lot of them the better “Pay more attention to me,” he seems to think.”

After being filmed sticking his head out of the hole, Bogart’s video went viral, making him even more popular than he already was.

dog look people hole fence suits

Her mother thinks her two dogs and the fence are the most photographed and popular in Denmark, and everyone wants to say hello.

ranveig said:

“They like to greet people. The attention is always good, and sometimes they get a little snack.”

The reaction from people has been overwhelming, hundreds of strangers commenting on the networks or dropping by to say that they are very funny.

Ranveig said to Bored Panda:

“I myself am impressed that my pup has gone viral, just because he looks funny.”

Bogart may not know how popular he is, but he sure loves the increased traffic around his fence.

Images: Facebook / Ranveig Bjørklid Levinsen

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