This Dog Loves To Listen To Her Little Brother In Her Moms’s Womb

dog love hear little brother mom womb

This sweet dog loves to spend long periods of time listening to her future little human brother in her mother’s womb.

Avon is a very charming dog, but a bit energetic and mischievous, who loves to play and does not know when she will stop. But apparently all this hyperactivity has subsided since she found out that her mother is pregnant, and now she enjoys quiet moments listening to her future baby brother in her mother’s womb.

Since she found out about her pregnancy, she has become an overprotective dog with her mother and does not move away from her for an instant. As her mother’s womb grows, Avon has sought to bond with her future best friend.

Shea Haugen, Avon’s mother, told The Dodo:

I think she first realized that she was pregnant when she was between 14 [and] 15 weeks because she normally jumped a lot, but she started to be more gentle.

Little dog listens to her little brother in her mother’s womb

dog love hear little brother mom womb

Avon’s new favorite activity became listening to her baby brother in her mother’s womb, and she can last a long time leaning her head very cautiously to share a moment with her best friend.

Shea says:

She definitely ducks her head to hear him and gets really excited when he kicks. Usually that’s when his tail starts wagging uncontrollably.

Gone are the days of mischief and games all over the house. Now Avon can spend the entire day enjoying the sounds of her mother’s womb, and it’s clear this adorable girl can’t wait to meet her new family member and continue to share adorable moments together.

Apparently everyone at home, including Avon, is eager to meet the new baby and can’t hide it.

dog love hear little brother mom womb

She in no time she will be able to finally meet her new younger brother and surely she will be her faithful companion of hers and she will prove that she is a great older sister.

dog love hear little brother mom womb

Shea finally said:

It’s funny, my baby seems to like [giving] him a good kick every time he puts his head on my tummy.

Images: Jakob Chapman – Swimmy Salad – Shea Haugen

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