This Dog Loves The Beach So Much She Can’t Stop Jumping For Joy

dog loves beach does not let joy jump

This little dog loves going to the beach with his family so much that he can’t help but jump for joy as soon as they arrive and smell the sand.

Tofu is a charming Finnish Spitz who lives with her family in New Zealand. She’s a very lively and boisterous girl who no doubt loves the beach so much that she can’t help but jump for joy when she arrives and hits the sand. Tofu lets out all of his wild side as he draws the attention of people around him.

She loves being at the beach so much that she can’t help but jump for joy. it’s his favorite place in the world, and it’s quite a sight to behold for the people and animals around him. She jumps in the air without stopping.

Ashleigh MacPherson, Tofu’s mother, told The Dodo:

She comes over and barks like crazy. The beach seems to be her favorite place to visit.

This dog loves the beach so much she can’t stop jumping for joy

Dog loves the beach so much

Of course, people love to see Tofu’s energy and outpouring on each of her visits to the beach, it’s nice to see her so excited and jumping for joy, but her dog friends are still not sure about it. be very comfortable with your jumps.

Dog loves the beach so much and can't stop jumping

Ashleigh says:

My other dog tried to join in, but his jumping abilities weren’t that impressive. The other dogs we were walking with didn’t seem quite what to think of this crazy, jumping, loud, red fox-like dog.

dogs on the beach

Tofu’s leaps in the air are not normal at all, but these are the qualities that make her unique and special. After spending time with Tofu, the other dogs get used to it and understand that it’s part of his mischievous personality. She loves her walks at the beach and her jumps are the way to show it.

Pets enjoying the beach

Whenever her mother surprises her with her walks at the beach, Tofu is the happiest girl in the world and her way of showing it is by giving her funny big jumps in the air.

You can enjoy beautiful photos of Tofu and his family by visiting his Instagram account.

Images: Instagram / kayatheshepherd


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