Service Dog Meets Pluto And Has The Best Reaction

dog meets pluto and has the best reaction

This dog met Pluto on a family outing to Disneyland and he had the best reactions. Ace, who is currently training to be a service dog with Guide Dogs of America, came face to face with his idol dog, Pluto.

We all react differently when we meet our heroes, but this dog’s reaction was the best. Ace was on a training excursion that day, according to Sandy Steinblums, on Facebook. Sandy took Ace to train him as a guide dog for the blind and they went to Disneyland for a few hours as part of a socialization experience.

This dog meets Pluto and has the best reaction

dog meets pluto and has the best reaction
dog meets pluto and has the best reaction

According to his trainer, what is seen in the video is the dog learning the “stay” and “down” commands while Pluto tricks “Ace” into breaking the “stay” command. Although Ace forgot what he was supposed to do for a few minutes when he saw Pluto, he quickly remembered and lay down as Sandy requested.

Ace still has between 6 and 9 months of training to graduate as a guide and find someone to help him, but this dog has already won the hearts of millions.

Images: Facebook / Sandy Steinblums

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