This Dog Passes Out From Excitement When He Finds His Owner; He hadn’t seen her for two years.

dog passes out excitement finds owner

If you doubt your pet’s love and loyalty, you haven’t had one of these affectionate beings in your home; there is no one more loyal or more accepting of you than a dog. They are always waiting for you to come back and when they see you, they are very happy.

Dog faints from emotion upon seeing owner after two years

If you want more proof of how much they can love their owners, this video will give you a better understanding. Rebecca Ehalt had to move to work in Slovenia, so she was away for a long time, after two years without visiting her family, she returned to Murrysville, USA.

Rebecca was excited and Casey…

dog passes out excitement finds owner

The reaction of her schnauzer dog, Casey, to the reunion was amazing. She was so surprised to see her owner again and was so happy that she passed out. Her excitement was more than evident, after barking with happiness and anxiety for Rebecca to be home again, she needed to be supported by her handlers.

Unable to control excitement

dog passes out excitement finds owner

For everyone’s peace of mind, Casey was taken to the vet where they showed her the footage of when the dog lost leg strength. The doctor explained to them that it had all been a product of arousal and that she was fine.

Fainted from happiness

There is no doubt that animals are wonderful and have a lot to teach us as human beings.

Images: YouTube / Roots & Wings | with the Svetinas

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