This Dog Decided To Play Peacekeeper And Interrupted A Jiu-Jitsu Tournament

dog peacekeeper interrupted jiu-jitsu tournament

Hundreds of martial arts enthusiasts flocked to Valparaíso to compete in Chile’s biggest jiujitsu championship. Here, competitors pushed their physical limits to demonstrate strength, speed and agility, all vying to become champions.

In the end, though, it was a lovely little peacemaker who gave us our most memorable moment. In the middle of a game, an unexpected dog came out of his hiding place beside the pitch and decided to interfere with what he thought were people in the middle of an out-of-control fight.

Everyone couldn’t help but laugh at his humorous yet noble attempt!

Nice dog sees strangers fighting and decides to get involved

dog peacekeeper interrupted jiu-jitsu tournament

Where the four-legged guest came from remains a mystery, but when the referee took him away, he was greeted with loud applause. Even the championship participants who had been interrupted couldn’t help but smile at this charming interruption.

dog peacekeeper interrupted jiu-jitsu tournament

As a result, the battle for brute strength and control has turned into something beautiful: the unconditional love and attention that only our beloved dogs provide. We’re sure that moment of joy was something all competitors will remember with a smile.

The jury may have decided who won the championship, but it’s clear that everyone who attended this moment of canine fun walked away a winner. After all, what more could you ask for than an adorable dog to bring us all together?

dog peacekeeper interrupted jiu-jitsu tournament

Francisca Silueta, who recorded this extraordinary moment of the dog’s entrance, will surely remember it for years.

Francisca told The Dodo:

“Suddenly all eyes were on this dog and all the contestants had to stop. They all started clapping. It was like the dog had won first place.”

Images: Francisca Silueta HB

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