A Dog Asks All Passers-By To Throw His Toy At Him

dog people throw toy

Caterina Dellabona, a woman from Milan, Italy, was walking by someone’s house one day when she noticed an unusual sign hanging on her door. The sign was about a dog who likes people who walk past his house toss their toy to run for him again and again without getting tired.

Caterina was very confused when she first read the sign. The sign, written in Italian, read:

“Please don’t throw the toy into the cacti (the dog will get hurt). Throw left or right thanks”.

The dog asks everyone passing by to throw their toy at him

dog people throw toy

Until suddenly a little dog appears in the doorway with a toy in its mouth, eager and ready to play.

Caterina told The Dodo:

“Then this friendly dog ​​showed up with his little toy. He looked at us wagging his tail, then picked up his toy and stuck his head over the fence. It was wide enough for his head to fit comfortably, but not wide enough for his body to fit through, so he was safe.”

dog people throw toy

It seems the dog asks everyone who passes by to throw their toy to play with him, so his family eventually had to put up this sign to make sure play was always safe.

dog people throw toy

Caterina began tossing the toy, making sure to avoid nearby cacti, and the pup would happily seek it out each time and bring it back to her. She played with him for about 10 minutes before finally moving on.

Now, every time she passes the house, she stops to play ball with her new friend, but never for as long as she would like.

dog people throw toy

Catherine said:

“I play with him every time I pass him, but I always interrupt the game, not him. I think it will never stop!”

Images: Facebook / Caterina Dellabona

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