This Dog Pretends To Like The Crib His Owner Accidentally Ordered

dog pretends like bed

Kenny is very clear that “it’s the thought that counts”. The precious dog feigns gratitude towards his owner after she bought him a tiny bed by mistake, he didn’t complain or push him away, on the contrary, he tried his best to find comfort in it. reassurance as if trying to tell her that he likes her present.

Paeton Mathes told Inside Edition:

“My mom had free points to get some, so she decided to order another dog bed since our two dogs share a large bed. So, she just clicked on it, without really looking at the measurements or even the price. When it arrived, it looked a bit small, so when she opened it, it was a surprise.”

dog pretends like bed

“He’s a good boy,” Paeton Mathes posted on Twitter, after sharing photos of the dog enjoying his new bed.

dog pretends like bed

Paeton told The Dodo:

“As a joke, we put the bed on the floor. We don’t expect him to fall asleep in it, however, he enjoys it throughout the day.”

This dog pretends to be grateful for the little bed his owner gave him

dog pretends like bed

Kenny is a rescue dog who has been abused in the past and that is why he appreciates and values all the expressions of love his family gives him.

Eventually, his landlady rewarded him with a bed that fit his size, and the story went viral. Kenny reminds us all that dogs are gentle and kind beings.

Images: Twitter / @paetonmathes

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