dog pretends lost people stop pet

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A very intelligent dog pretends to be lost to attract the attention of passers-by so they stop to pet him.

As Alyson Aguerrebere ran through a section of Long Beach, California, he noticed a small white dog that was on the sidewalk in front of her. Looking at her in detail, she realized that she did not have some kind of necklace and began to worry, because maybe she was missing.

Alyson told The Dodo:

She seemed lost. She was looking at me from about 12 meters away when I approached her.

The friendly dog ​​also walked towards the woman, but at that moment she saw a large sign that was on her lawn alerting passersby.

Little dog pretends to be lost to get attention

dog pretends lost people stop pet

Apparently, the dog had a well-crafted plan to fool people into believing that she is lost for care. The sign is made of a piece of cardboard and has a photo of the dog; She describes what she is trying to do, and also has her Instagram account.

dog pretends lost people stop pet

The ad says:

I’m Harper. I live here. I pretend to be lost, so you will stop and pet me.

Alyson was shocked at the deception Harper was trying to employ, especially since she was the last person to fall into the trap.

dog pretends lost people stop pet

The woman added:

The sign was very funny and I realized that she does this to everyone. So I sat down and stroked her and rubbed her belly for 25 minutes.

Harper lives with a loving family who decided to adopt her, but she seems like she doesn’t get enough attention at home, so she goes out to get it.

dog pretends lost people stop pet

Generally, the family allows Harper to spend time in the front yard so that she can get the petting she so requests from passersby. But they are always on the lookout for her, to make sure she doesn’t get into trouble and can continue with her love routine.

dog pretends lost people stop pet

Alyson commented:

Her owner came out after 25 minutes and said: Oh, did she trick you into giving her love ?! She said that she does it constantly, several times a day, and she never wants to get inside because she gets so much attention.

And it is that, in a few minutes, Harper turned around for Alyson to rub her tummy, and then crawled into her lap.

dog pretends lost people stop pet

Without a doubt, Alyson was shocked by Harper’s attitude and she loved the few minutes she spent with her new canine friend of hers.

If you want to know more about Harper’s deception, you can follow her on her Instagram account.

Images: Instagram / littleharpergurl