Dog Pretends To Be Homeless To Get Free Burgers And Was Caught In The Act

dog pretends stray burgers free

Betsy Reyes, a woman from Oklahoma, USA, was very worried because every night her dog ‘Princess’ mysteriously escaped from the house. Tired of this situation, she decided to follow her to see what was going on. It turns out the dog leaves his house every night and goes to a nearby McDonald’s, according to CBS News.

Great was Betsey’s surprise when she realized that Princess’ mysterious outings consisted of sitting near a McDonald’s and approaching cars waiting for someone to offer her something to eat.

Once in position near the drive-thru, Princess lights up puppy eyes and poses as a homeless dog to guilt customers into feeding her burgers.

Dog pretends to be homeless to get free burgers

dog pretends stray burgers free

Betsey posted her picture on Facebook and warned locals not to feed her “big” pet, which is definitely not a stray dog. Now Princess has become an internet superstar.

dog pretends stray burgers free

She said:

“If you see my dog near McDonald’s, stop feeding his big ass because he keeps sneaking out of the house to walk to McDonald’s at night. He’s not a stray. He’s just a taker who acts like she’s from the street so people feel bad for her and give her burgers.”

The post has been shared over 300,000 times and received over 60,000 reactions.

Betsey also posted two videos showing Princess caught in the act of getting food. In the first, he realizes he has met Betsey and then decides to go to another car where they give him his long-awaited burger.

Images: Facebook / Betsy Singh Reyes

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