Dog Refuses To Eat Ice Cream After Mom Orders Wrong Flavor

dog refuses eating cone mom orders wrong flavor

This adorable and spoiled dog refuses to eat from snow cone after discovering that his mother ordered the wrong flavor.

Lola is an adorable little dog who was cared for by a local shelter in Florida, USA. When she was neutered, the dog experienced complications that prevented her from walking. Lola started her recovery process very slowly, and after a few months, the Big Hearts for Big Dogs Rescue Center took her in and found her a foster family who could commit to caring for and caring for her. take her to physiotherapy every week.

For two years, they took care of his needs, until they finally decided to officially adopt him into their family. Lola lives on a charming farm with her family and other rescued animals. She is without a doubt the sweetest and weirdest dog her family has ever known, and they wouldn’t change a thing about her.

The dog refuses to eat the snow cone

boy plays with his puppy

Annie Belanger Burley, Lola’s mother, told The Dodo:

We’ve had her for six years, but she’s been ours for four years. We have no idea how old she is, but she literally doesn’t age. She has the most amazing temper, but she’s completely weird! She asks to be dressed at night. She’s mute, she snores when she’s awake, other dogs think she growls, but she’s just breathing. He has a look that could kill. Sometimes his happy face looks like his bad face.

lovely puppy

Everyone at home loves Lola and likes to spoil her whenever they can. One of his favorite outings is to fetch ice cream cones, and he tends to get very excited, even if he doesn’t always know how to show it.

dog and his snow cone

Anne says:

We go to Pelican Snowballs in North Fort Myers several times a month. His favorite flavor is chicken broth served with a Milk-Bone on top… When he gets excited, it’s usually with his eyes. He makes his weird face most of the time.

Dog refuses to eat the snow cone

One day, when Lola and her mother were receiving ice cream cones as usual, Annie decided to ask Lola for another one because she had a stomach ache the day before and wanted to take care of herself. She thought her furry friend would enjoy the cone just as much, even though it wasn’t her favorite flavor; but she soon discovered that she was wrong.

Dog refuses to eat cone after mom orders wrong

The beloved, spoiled little dog sniffed the cone in surprise; He looked at his mother and made it very clear with his expression that he wouldn’t eat it. It wasn’t the right flavor for her and she didn’t even want to taste it.

Annie remembers:

She refused to eat it the whole way back and looked at me with her usual sideways gaze.

Sad dog and his ice cream cone

Lola in the midst of her disgust let the ice cream cone next to her melt. Annie says she’s strong in her beliefs, and even if Lola didn’t have her favorite ice cream cone that day, her mom can make it up to her little girl by ordering her the “right” flavor next time. times they will visit the ice cream parlor.

You can learn more about Lola’s life and her family’s farm on her Facebook page.

Images: Facebook / Annie Belanger Burley


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