A dog was reprimanded at a dog daycare. A letter was sent to the owners, hard to believe what he did

dog reprimanded dog daycare

Maggie is a charming French bulldog who was suspended as a “student” at the canine crèche, where he regularly attends. The matter was so serious that staff sent a written notice to the dog’s owners. Who would have thought that this cute dog could cause so much trouble and play the innocent around the house.

Kindergarteners aren’t always as polite as angels. Interestingly, this also applies to four-legged children who need to be socialized before reaching maturity. Maggie clearly fell in love with her tutors. As a result, she not only received a reprimand, but her owners were also informed of the whole situation.

Maggie the Bulldog returns from daycare with a scolding

Tainã Felipe Cerny is Maggie’s babysitter. The woman decided that her bulldog would attend classes in a kindergarten for dogs, so that in safe conditions and under the supervision of appropriate personnel, he would get acquainted with other puppies. However, she never expected that the dog as docile as a lamb would be able to cause such trouble that one day she would return home with a scolding.

Due to the fact that the woman actively manages the social networks of her pet, she did not fail to hide such an important event in Maggie’s life from Internet users. She not only shared the reason for the suspension of the animal, but also asked her partner to read aloud the contents of the letter sent by the authorities of the nursery school.

“We are posting footage from security cameras”

The woman was very surprised to learn that the dog was so naughty that the canine school suspended her participation in classes for 15 days. To justify their decision, the employees shared video from the cameras, which shows what the bulldog did to him.

Much to the owner’s surprise, Maggie exhibited aggressive behavior towards the dog daycare staff when she had never behaved in such a manner towards her owner or other family members. The direct reason for the dog’s exclusion from classes was a bite from one of the staff.

“These days without daycare allow her to reflect on what she has done,” he said.

The dog apparently doesn’t feel guilty

To spice up the video, Maggie’s owner showed off the dog’s reaction. We see how the bulldog first listens to the contents of the letter with a sour face, and then lies on the floor, hungry for the caress of his beloved man. Everything indicates that the dog is not entirely guilty of her prank.

To comfort Maggie’s owner, other dog owners admitted in the comments section below the video that similar situations had happened to their proteges and, in extreme cases, they were banned from attending classes altogether. It’s called the life of a dog!

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