Dog Rescued A Baby Bird That Fell From The Nest And Decides He’s Now His Big Brother

dog rescued baby bird parrot nest

A sweet Labrador rescued a baby bird that fell from the nest and becomes his big brother, always watching over him and taking naps together.

Hiro is a charming Labrador who lives in Puerto Rico with his mother Viviana Dávila. He is very gentle and well mannered. Not long ago, while the dog was on the patio of his house taking a nap, he noticed something that caught his attention; a parrot that fell from its nest needed help.

When Hiro noticed the bird, he tried to warn his mother, who found the little one on the ground while her dog licked him tenderly.

Viviana told The Dodo:

“I noticed Hiro licking something on the grass. Hiro licked that thing and looked at me, and insisted again on licking it and looking at me. That gave me the signal that something was going on. and I approached Hiro. “

The labrador rescued a parrot falls from the nest

dog rescued baby bird parrot nest

The woman and her husband lifted the little parrot off the ground and wrapped it in a towel. When they consulted the vet, they discovered that due to the fall he had become a paraplegic which made it impossible for him to move or feed himself, but Hiro decided he would take care of Hope, as we called the parrot, and that he behaved like his older brother.

The little Quaker parrot, as the species is called, showed a great spirit and a desire to live.

Viviane said:

“The vet told us that in similar cases he recommends people put them to sleep. However, he was surprised at how much trouble Hope had with life.”

dog rescued baby bird parrot nest

Viviana and her family tried to keep the bird comfortable and follow the vet’s recommendations to help her move forward.

She added:

“It’s been a week and a half and she’s doing much better. Hiro was part of that effort. Since day one, he hasn’t left her side.”

dog rescued baby bird parrot nest

Hiro takes care of Hope all the time and little by little the bird has gained strength in his body and his heart remains full of the love that the Labrador gives him.

Vivianne added:

“Nothing matters to him anymore because he has a new goal: to take care of Hope.”

dog rescued baby bird parrot nest

The story of these friends went viral on Twitter thanks to Viviana’s sister, who lives in Chicago, USA.

dog rescued baby bird parrot nest

Now Hope has a home where she will be safe and with Hiro’s help she will surely continue to recover.

Vivian added:

“We are honored to have Hiro. Although he was always a very good boy, we are very proud of his development and happy to have embraced his honorable soul.”

Images: Twitter / @veroenid

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