Dog Runs Away From Home, Returns With ‘Twin’ Dog

dog runs away returns with twin'dog

Cisquinha is a brindle dog who got lost, and despite many searches, they couldn’t find her. And although hopes of finding her had already faded, not only did she return, but with her, she brought a dog that looked like her twin brother.

The day Cisquinha disappeared, she was at home with Érica, the woman who helped Glauciene with the household chores. She assures that the dog was in the yard as usual, and while she was doing the chores in less time than she thought, she was gone.

The call caused great emotion in the owner of Cisquinha, because Érica broke the news to her very excitedly. Glauciene explains how she felt: “I thought: Cisquinha has fresh water, good food, a good bed. She didn’t have to go.”

Being a very young dog, Cisquinha has an inexhaustible energy, so it was to be expected that she would go far and wide aimlessly. This would make the research work difficult. Fortunately, Glauciene enlisted the support of her brother, as well as others.

While the search for Cisquinha was organized, her landlady was still at her place of work, but she said her head was elsewhere, she said, “I lost all concentration, I thought I would never see her again. Never “.

By the time Glauciene arrived, her brother had already spent a lot of time tracking her down. Érica went home, but she found a surprise, Cisquinha was at home and she was not alone! She was with a dog that looked a lot like her.

dog runs away returns with twin'dog
Instagram / glauborrett

Owner Glauciene Borrett explains, “He has a brother who lives next door and I didn’t know that.” This is the conclusion they reached when they observed the resemblance between the two. The strange thing was that they had never seen each other, until the day when Cisquinha left for no apparent reason.

It was a very emotional moment, so Glauciene took photos of the reunion. The new friend had the exact same coat colors as Cisquinha, she said: “She has a brother who lives next door and I didn’t know that. Twins are capable of anything.

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