Dog Saves Fawn From Drowning And They’re Now Best Friends

dog saves drowning fawn

A dog rescues a baby fawn from drowning in a lake in Virginia. The dog led the baby to the lake and did not leave him until his mother arrived. In addition, the fawn returned a day later to “greet” its rescuer.

Ralph Dorn is the owner of Harley, a 6 year old Goldendoodle. The 62-year-old retired Marine Corps pilot, from Culpepe, Virginia, USA, went out on June 2 to search for his dog, when he found him in the lake about 60 yards from shore swimming with another animal. As he got closer, he realized it was a baby fawn, which he was pushing towards the shore for safety, People reported.

dog saves drowning fawn

“I don’t know how the fawn got ashore, but Harley obviously didn’t ask why, he just took action,” Dorn wrote in an Facebook post recounting the moving story.

dog saves drowning fawn

When the two animals reached the shore of the lake, Dorn helped the fawn out of the water. Harley at his side, came out to continue her feat of rescuing and caring for the little animal, licked it and did not want to part with it.

“Harley didn’t want to leave the fawn,” Dorn told People. “I continued to interact with him, to lick him, to take care of him.”

Soon after, the fawn’s mother came to the place and met her calf. It was then that Harley and Dorn returned home satisfied.

dog saves drowning fawn

However, the story did not end with the rescue. The next day, the fawn reappeared and came to “greet” its rescuer.

“This morning Harley got agitated running from window to window. I opened the front door and we could hear the fawn bleating. Harley ran to the treeline and found the fawn. The little boy stopped bleating, wagged his tail, they touched their noses, they felt and Harley calmly came home with me, ”Dorn said in her post.

dog saves drowning fawn

The images of the tender moment which were shared on FB, provoked thousands of reactions and comments among internet users. The post has been shared over 262,000 times and elicited over 118,000 reactions.

The owner of this noble dog explained that his pet has always had such a “good heart”, which is why, in a way, it was no surprise to see him perform such a moving action. He also explained that Harley worked as a certified therapy dog, with the elderly and children during reading hours at the local library.

“It’s always been like that with children and animals. He loves them all, ”he told People.

A moving action by a noble dog who made his protective instincts lead him to care for a little baby in distress.

Image: Facebook – Ralph Dorn

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