This Dog Saw How 941 Animals Are Adopted From A Shelter While Waiting For A Home

dog sees 941 shelter animals adopted

Sue arrived at the shelter on August 22, 2017, after being rescued as a small puppy. The friendly pooch has settled into the foster home of Bath Cats and Dogs Home, quickly adjusting to all the comforts of the place.

The volunteers at the shelter thought Sue would soon find a forever home, but everything seems to indicate that they were all wrong. Well, it’s been four years since Sue arrived and she’s still waiting for the perfect family.

The adorable Sue has spent most of her life at the shelter, having arrived there very young at just a few weeks old.

A dog saw how her friends are adopted

According to members of the shelter, in 2018 Sue was given the opportunity to be adopted, but the family turned her away. She has always been characterized as a very sweet and friendly dog and no one can understand why she is still waiting for a home after so long.

Rachel Jones, director of the shelter, said in a statement:

“We don’t know why poor Sue wasn’t moved. We all adore him and like to take him for long walks and give him lots of attention, but we are desperate to find him his own home. »

The saddest thing is that since arriving at the shelter, he has been able to see how 941 other resident animals have managed to be adopted.

However, no one loses hope and they hope that one of these days the right family will walk through the door of the shelter and decide to adopt him. So far, that hasn’t happened, and although Sue has some behavioral issues, she’s doing very well with her training process.

Moreover, everyone is sure that with the right family, Sue can continue to improve her behavior and adapt very well in her new home.

Rachel said:

“Sue is a sweet, intelligent little dog who can get a little overworked at times, so she would benefit from owners who can keep her training going! She is very affectionate and loves snuggling up on the couch with you as well as engaging in a good game with you! »

She is also very social and enjoys meeting new friends, but it is recommended that she be the only pet in her potential new forever home. Sue is smart and has mastered basic commands like ‘sit’ and ‘wave’, but there’s no doubt she can learn a lot more.

Rachel added:

“I would like his new owner to be there most of the time. Sometimes she can feel overwhelmed at home, so she needs a quiet space to relax. We would also like her to have a safe garden. »

Sue lives comfortably at the shelter and has made many friends over the years, the volunteers love and love her.

But everyone is aware that what Sue needs more than anything is to be able to find the perfect forever home.

Rachel commented:

“It’s really time for her to start over with a lovely new family who can finally show her the love and security she deserves. »

If you are interested in adopting Sue, you can apply on the following website.

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