This dog sees the beach for the first time, his reaction does not go as planned by the owner

dog sees the beach for the first time
Tiktok / @matthewscriv

Skippy is a dog whose world suddenly fell apart. Moving from the city to the coast proved to be a real challenge for the dog who, despite the increased care given to him by his owner, could not cope with the new realities and remained suspicious. Thanks to the man’s enormous patience and dedication, Skippy’s attitude suddenly changed and became the start of a new great adventure. His reaction speaks for itself.

Moving in a dog’s life is a real revolution

A change in your dog’s life and the number of changes that come with it can be overwhelming and stressful for your pet. The loss of familiar corners or a different walking route often affects the animal’s sense of security and can harm its well-being.

When traveling, it is important to limit the dog’s variable elements as much as possible. While for us a new bed or sofa is cause for joy and excitement, drastic changes in an animal can cause the opposite reaction. Take a piece of your old home with you, for example, a bed, blankets, toys – all this will help your pet get used to the new place better. It’s also worth exploring every nook and cranny of your home with your pet. Remember to give your dog time to get used to it, don’t force him to do anything and provide him with increased care during this period.

The city dog ​​saw the ocean for the first time

Skippy is a city dog ​​who faces a huge change that changes his habits almost 180 degrees. The previously happy life suddenly collapsed due to the owner’s decision to leave the city for the coast. The seaside landscape was completely different from that in which the animal had grown up and known.

When Matthew, excited about contact with nature, took his pet to the beach for the first time, it certainly wasn’t the reaction he expected. It turned out that Skippy was visibly scared and overwhelmed by the unfamiliar scenery. He was reluctant to dip his paws in the water for the first time – his owner helped by holding him gently so he felt relatively safe.

dog sees the beach for the first time
Tiktok / @matthewscriv

The dog’s fears are forgotten, his reaction speaks for itself

The move proved to be a real challenge for the dog who, despite the great support of the guardian, was unable to cope with the new realities and remained visibly stressed. However, Matthew didn’t give up and regularly took his pet for walks along the coast, giving him space and time to acclimatise.

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After just a few days, all of Skippy’s fears were gone. The man no longer needed to encourage the dog to enter the water, because whenever they were nearby, he happily jumped in, splashing happily. Skippy grew from a city dog ​​to a real four-legged tramp who loved daily runs on the sand, swimming in the sea and playing with the waves. What seemed like an insurmountable obstacle became a source of joy and a gateway to new and wonderful adventures. His reaction in the recording posted online speaks for itself – see for yourself.

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