Dog Always Makes Sure To Share His Food With His Favorite Toy

dog shares food favorite lamb

Tucker is an adorable dog who has had a great quality since he was a puppy, he usually cares and keeps his interest in the people he loves. Katelyn Buckley, the mother of this sweet dog says that he is even very protective of his toys and says that her dog always makes sure to share his food with her favorite lamb; a fluffy stuffed animal.

He has had countless toys throughout his life, but the huge lamb is currently his treasure.

Katelyn told The Dodo:

He is the biggest baby when it comes to insects flying over him, thunder or loud noises. He protects us a lot, especially if he does not recognize someone who is approaching us.

Dog shares his food with his favorite toy lamb

Dog and his toy

Tucker loves his collection of toys and always carries them with him wherever he goes, but the lamb seems to have a certain predilection for him.

His mother says:

He always wears them in his mouth and complains of emotion with them still in his mouth. She takes them to bed with him and shares her food with them.

@kbuck2112 He takes his baby and shares his food with it 😭💕 #fyp #foryoupage #dog #adorable ♬ original sound – Katelyn

At mealtime, this adorable dog has a habit of sharing his food with his favorite lamb and makes sure they always have the bowl of croquettes close by. It’s a very sweet scene.

Katelyn added:

He takes the toy from him and gently places his face in the bowl and spills it over and spreads the food.

Stuffed toy

But this dog behavior is not something new. For years, Tucker has shared his food with his toys; It seems that he does not care that they do not eat like him, he loves them and wants to share everything with them, he is really a charm.

Images: Tik Tok / Katelyn Buckley

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