Dog On Short Chain Made To Stand On Back Legs All Day


Terrible images of a dog tortured on a short chain have enraged animal lovers around the world. The dog is kept hanging on an extremely short chain, leaving it strangled and suffocating 24 hours a day. The dog and its owners live in the Emiliano Zapata district of Teloloapan, Mexico. dog short chain stand back legs  

The dog’s chain is so short that he can hardly sit or stand straight. It must be a torture for him to stand with his forelegs lifted all day long, just to breathe under the sweltering heat. However, his evil owners believe that the dog “is fine” while his “well-being” is taken care of.

Concerned strangers passing through the neighborhood often stop to inquire about the tortured dog. One of these strangers approached the owners and begged them to return the dog, but ended up being driven out by them. The stranger has posted these photos on social media, hoping someone will come up with a solution. dog short chain stand back legs    

The dog’s difficult situation makes us restless and frustrated. This poor creature might soon strangle, and every reasonable man should be able to see it. We hope that local animal activists and authorities will intervene to rescue this dog soon. Help us spread the word to help save this poor dog.

This kind of stories should urge more people to defend our animal friends, especially in urgent need cases like this one. If the torture of this dog was completely ignored by the stranger who shared his images on social media, the poor dog may have already lost his life, also in extreme pain.

Animal lovers around the world are hoping for a quick response from local authorities and animal activists are coming in to rescue this dog soon.

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