The dog sits in the aisle every day in the same place at the same time. He doesn’t do it for no reason

dog sits aisle everyday same place

Every afternoon between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. the female can be seen on the alley in the same place. Rain or snow won’t stop it. He waits patiently despite the harshest weather conditions. There’s a good reason for that.

When we come home from work, they attack us with love. Even though we’ve only been gone for a few hours, we miss the dogs like the separation has lasted forever.

He loves his owner very much. He is waiting for his truck

He loves his master with reciprocity. She spends the whole afternoon waiting for him. As 3:00 p.m. approaches, as if she has her watch on her, Sadie heads for the driveway. She has chosen a place where she sits every day, waiting for her beloved guardian.

She is patient because she knows she will meet her master soon. When she sees a truck approaching, she begins to turn in circles with joy, full of energy. She waits for her father to pull over and then greets him, often bringing a favorite toy ready to mischief.

He saved her from homelessness. She reciprocated with love

Tim works as a mines inspector and he met the dog at work while she was hanging around the mine, keeping watch. She was very shy, but when one day he saw how she only looked at him, he decided to save her.

He got out of the truck and opened the door for her. He told her to get in and she obediently jumped into the vehicle. Sadie has been part of the family ever since.

She loves her older brother, but he doesn’t love her back

Sadie is Tim and Sara’s youngest dog. He has two older brothers, a chocolate Labrador and a dachshund. He loves to play with them and has a special bond with each other.

The 10-year-old, affectionately known as “sausage”, is overwhelmed with love from Sadie. She loves licking his face and teasing him by stealing his ball. The problem is, the dachshund… doesn’t like it. According to the owners, he basically doesn’t like anyone. However, that doesn’t stop Sadie from trying to win her older brother’s love.

Of all the dogs, she is the only one waiting in the driveway for her master, who saved her from homelessness years ago. Their bond is special.

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