This Dog Always Chooses The Strangest Positions For His Naps

dog sleeps weird positions naps

People who have pets know how easy it is to be entertained watching these little animals spend their day, you will never know how crazy they can surprise you and you will never get tired of all the mischief they do.

This is Howard, a golden retriever/Labrador mix, so you can already imagine that he is not very small. This dog definitely knows what it is to entertain his family, because even when he is asleep, he makes anyone who sees him laugh.

Kimberley Spencer, Howard’s mother, told The Dodo:

“Howard is almost 100 pounds, but he thinks he’s 25 pounds. When he stretches out on the bed, his body is about 5 feet long, coincidentally the same as my height.”

Dog sleeps in the weirdest positions

dog sleeps weird positions naps

Kimberly comments that when he’s awake he’s a walking disaster, he runs at full speed through the house knocking down everything in his path and she should warn visitors of his tail, as it looks like he has a gun and he does some painful punches.

dog sleeps weird positions naps

When it comes to playing he is tireless; he does it for hours and even asleep he doesn’t let go of his toys.

dog sleeps weird positions naps
dog sleeps weird positions naps

It’s not much different when he sleeps, he looks uncomfortable and takes up a lot of space, he stretches out all over the place; he many times he leaves the hind legs under him and the other part of the body above the place where he is lying.

dog sleeps weird positions naps

In time, Kimberly believed that she would break this strange sleeping habit, but she never did, she sleeps for hours in these strange positions, and that’s what she likes.

She said:

“I never know how that can be comfortable”

dog sleeps weird positions naps

He is a very funny dog, Kimberly comments:

“I’m fine with that because he makes me laugh on a daily basis.”

Howard’s way of sleeping has brought much joy to his family and they feel that he has always been a part of his life.

dog sleeps weird positions naps

Kimberley added:

“Howard has been the best addition to our family.”

You can follow Howard and all his antics on his Instagram account.

Images: Instagram / howardthehotmess

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