The dog was so weak that she could not get up from the curb. Her little body was about to give up

dog so weak couldn't get up off the curb

The Little Steps Matter foundation, operating in Indonesia, shared Casey’s story on their social media. Volunteers found her abandoned on the street when she was just a few weeks old puppy. At first glance, it was clear that the animal was in very serious condition. The dog didn’t even have the strength to lift his head, let alone get up on his own.

Litte Steps Matter employees immediately understood that Casey’s fight for life would not be easy. The little dog was exhausted and almost left the Rainbow Bridge lying in the street. Fortunately, with their help, her life has completely changed.

A sad sight on a paradise island. The little dog died in the street

Casey was found outside one of Bali’s local stores. It is not known how she got there and her mother or siblings have never appeared in the area. She was exhausted, thirsty and hungry, and her little body was almost completely covered with sores and parasites. Seeing this, the foundation representatives who participated in the intervention immediately sprang into action.

Sometimes feelings are too hard to describe in words, especially when we find a dying puppy.

They moved the dog into a cardboard box, gave her something to eat and drink, then quickly escorted her to the centre, where she was taken care of by specialists. On the spot, it turned out that her little belly is full of worms, and many wounds add to her suffering.

Casey’s fight for life has begun

Vets have decided that Casey should remain in the clinic under observation, where the next few days will be crucial in the fight for his life. They did not lose hope, however, and promised each other that they would do everything in their power to get him back on his feet and secure him a better future.

After a few days, when her condition, to everyone’s delight, improved, the doctors decided that the dog could go to an adoptive family, where she would continue to fully recover. Fortunately, a woman named Olga and her son Fedor fell in love with her at first sight and decided to take her in.

“Love can’t be bought, but it can be adopted”

After a few weeks, Little Steps Matter employees went to visit Casa and her caregivers. They couldn’t believe what they saw there. The dog was full of energy, the injuries were almost gone and her fur was starting to grow back.

– She loves to play with her feline siblings and has already learned basic commands such as sit, dance and fetch – we learn from the entrance.

Casey loves children and enjoys participating in the activities taught in Fedor’s class. She lets herself be stroked and cuddled, and her fluffy hugs can be used by any student having a bad day.

This dog couldn’t have dreamed of a better life, and what happened to him in the past was just the beginning of his bright path.

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