Sad: An Old Dog With A “Young Heart” Spent 1,000 Days In A Shelter

dog spent 1000 days in a shelter

Ginny is a mixed Pit Bull dog who was unfortunately found on the streets, however, she came to the animal organization called Lexington Humane Society (LHS) in Kentucky, where she stayed for 1,000 days, but after almost three years in the shelter and being one of the residents with the longest time, one person saw how special she was that she was eventually adopted; Because of this, her caregivers gave her a farewell party, where they wished her luck in her new life.

Due to the breed she was, Ginny’s caregivers believed that many people were not interested in her, other than the fact that she needed a home without children or other pets, but in the end, the long wait was worth it, because she found her better half.

An old dog spends a thousand days in the shelter, nobody wanted her in their life

dog spent 1000 days in a shelter

Sadly, this is the situation that many shelter dogs suffer from, spending a long time and even a lifetime waiting for a family, but thanks to the many efforts of Ginny’s caregivers, she was able to be adopted.

The story of this stray dog dates back to December 2019, they found her wandering and no one claimed her. Days, months and years passed, no one asked for her, despite the many efforts of the rescuers, as she received leash training, crate training and learned basic obedience, this in the purpose of getting them interested in her.

Meghan Hawkins, the director of community engagement for LHS, told PEOPLE:

“Few people can tolerate life in a shelter for the time it has, but Ginny has always prevailed no matter what,”

A thousand days, what a bad situation for this dog, but it was in 2023 that she was finally able to find the ideal family. After seeing all his companions leave, it was his turn to start a new life.

dog spent 1000 days in a shelter

“We couldn’t be more excited for her, or more grateful to her new owner for choosing adoption as the best option and helping an animal in need. Ginny, and it’s the BEST DAY EVER!

dog spent 1000 days in a shelter
dog spent 1000 days in a shelter

Due to the great affection, they had for Ginny, the rescuers did not miss the opportunity to organize a mega farewell party for her, where they brought gifts and kissed her with lots of love, happy with the choice of the owner and the new life of the canine. A few days later, they showed a picture of what was Ginny’s empty kennel, a very happy moment for everyone.

Images: Facebook / Lexington Humane Society

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