The Dog Is The Star Of The European Athletics Championships. It’s Not A Mascot At All, But It Plays A Very Important Role

dog star european athletics championships

This year’s European Under-23 Championships are being held in Espoo, Finland, and are attracting sports enthusiasts from across the continent. It turns out that the biggest star of the event isn’t one of the athletes, but…a dog. Molly is not the championship mascot. He has dozens of international competitions to his credit.

Molly caused a stir at the European Championships. It deals with an important subject

Dogs have their place in professional sports not only as mascots, but it turns out they can perform more serious duties as well. Without them, this year’s European Under-23 Championship would not have been possible. Molly had to go through long and grueling training in her job. It deals with the detection of doping agents.

The 9-year-old English Springer has no time to rest. She began her training with work in the customs and police services. An amazing sense of smell took her up the career ladder until she eventually detected doping in sport.

Molly got the job through connections. His mistress has worked in doping detection for 30 years

Molly’s training took six months, and after that she didn’t end up at customs as originally planned. Turns out the bitch is a child of nepotism. Its owner, Joanna Sjoo, has worked for the Swedish Anti-Doping Commission for years. So, you can say that she found a job for her dog after an acquaintance.

Molly had to undergo additional training; this time strictly related to the detection of doping agents. Joanna consulted her husband and they decided to train the dog accordingly.

Molly’s sense of smell is amazing. No cheer can be hidden from her

Joanna points out that if Molly detects a doping substance, it’s just a clue for further investigation. Much more evidence is needed to accuse an athlete of using banned substances. Lab tests must prove the dog was right. His sense of smell is only a method of detection.

– Molly’s nose is very sensitive to steroids. He can detect prohibited substances in the form not only of tablets, but also of ampoules containing liquid – the lady tells him.

The puppy is able to sense the cheers even when someone has worked very hard to hide them. No banned substance can hide from it.

“Everyone wants to kiss her.” – Molly makes a splash at the Finnish championships. However, remember not to distract working dogs. Animals need focus.

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