The dog suffered an unbearable loss. The owners slammed the door behind them and despair ensued

dog suffered an unbearable loss

According to some people, the period before Christmas is the ideal time to get rid of an unwanted animal. After all, at a family celebration it will only embarrass and disturb the guests. A medium sized dog named Rita had this experience. The dog was abandoned at the Window of Life in Krakow. The reason its owner took such a drastic step turned out to be terribly insignificant.

December is a difficult month in shelters. Employees and volunteers no longer know where to put their hands

The second half of December is a particularly busy time, not just for those working in commerce or those responsible for preparing Christmas Eve dinner. Employees and volunteers working in units helping abandoned animals also complain about the lack of free time. The people responsible for shopping at the office of the Animal Protection Association in Krakow receive dozens of requests every day:

“Some people call us in tears, seeking help for their beloved four-legged friends. But there are also moments like this.”

It is undeniable that life itself writes the most surprising scenarios and sometimes people have no choice but to find a new home for their pet. Unfortunately, for some people, a small argument is enough to get rid of a dog, cat, rabbit or hamster, which is no longer a pleasant addition to everyday life and has become an uncomfortable burden for the owner.

Rita trusted her guardian implicitly. The dog was given to Okna ┼╗ycia

It’s just a few days until Christmas, when a dog named Rita has been delivered to the Animal Life Window. She is a medium sized dog who, after the family left the room, became terrified and confused about the situation. It was obvious she didn’t understand why the owners had disowned him. After all, they loved him just a second ago.

Rita’s reaction to being abandoned by a man she trusted implicitly touches even the coldest of hearts. The frightened dog stubbornly stands at the door, as if hoping that her beloved man is still waiting for her behind her and this is just an element of incomprehensible pleasure.

The distraught animal was placed in the care of activists from the Krakow Animal Protection Society. A post on the organization’s Facebook revealed why the dog is ending this year in such a sad way.

“The owner of the rented house said that the dog could not live there” – explains KTOZ.

The regulations governing the rental of an apartment do not prohibit keeping animals there, unless this issue is stipulated in the contract with the owner. We can therefore assume that Rita’s guardian was perfectly aware of the conditions of the apartment lease and, instead of looking for a place accepting dogs, he preferred to entrust his four-legged friend to a shelter.

dog suffered an unbearable loss

Rita is looking for a new home. He can’t stand living in a shelter

The employees of the Krakow Animal Protection Society will do everything to make Rita feel good in her temporary shelter, which is the shelter. At the same time, they hope she won’t stay in their care for too long.

A permanent home is being sought for Rita. She is a very sensitive dog, used to contact with people, so the candidate for her guardian must be a person who will love her unconditionally and will ensure that she never has to experience the suffering she is going through again. Currently.

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