This dog swam for more than 11 hours to save her owner who was the victim of an accident

dog swam 11 hours save owner victim accident

They say that the dog is man’s best friend and “Heidi”, a German shepherd, proves it. This pet was the savior of its owner by swimming for 11 hours straight to get help and alert that the boat in which they were traveling together capsized while sailing in the waters of Queensland, Australia.

After the sinking of the boat where the man and the dog were, the animal chose to swim for about 11 hours to get help, because he did not want something bad to happen to his owner. After several hours, a passing fisherman in Moreton Bay managed to see the dog, which was surrounded by debris, so he immediately knew that something had happened and that he had to help him.

Heidi, a real heroine

The man contacted the authorities to report what had happened and a search and rescue mission was then launched to find the owner of the dog. This is how a helicopter, four police ships, a navy jet ski, the Volunteer Coast Guard were mobilized to find the man in question.

After several hours and intense work, the owner of ‘Heidi’ was found. According to information from the Queensland Police, the subject was clinging to his four-meter boat that had capsized. After being rescued, the 63-year-old man was taken to a local hospital where he received medical attention. He explained that his boat had lost power at night and that the water had started to leak.

He also said that he and his pet had been missing for about 15 hours. He also said his dog swam for 11 hours to get help. This is how “Heidi” became the heroine of this touching story, because thanks to the love she had for her owner, she was willing to swim for a long time.

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