This Dog Takes Care Of Two Kittens And Knows Exactly What They Need

dog takes care of two kittens

Encore and Pax, two little kittens just two weeks old, were moved from the San Bernardino shelter to Saving Pets One at a Time. The kittens required 24-hour bottle feeding, so Susan Hicks, a volunteer foster carer at the shelter, took them into her home.

The kittens were fed formula every four hours and kept in a cozy and comfortable nursery. Soon these two brothers began to walk and explore the corners of their new home and their energy seemed to recover.

Ginger, the resident dog, was beyond excited when she heard about the new arrivals. He knew exactly what kittens needed to thrive.

Susan told Love Meow:

The kittens were very young and immediately accepted Ginger as their adoptive mother.

The dog takes care of two kittens and knows exactly what they need

two rescued kittens

A few years ago, Ginger came into Susan’s life as a rescue dog, pregnant and giving birth to a beautiful litter in the comfort of a loving home. When all of her dogs were adopted, Susan knew Ginger had already found her happily by his side and they had been inseparable ever since.

kitten receives food

The loving dog discovered her vocation to take care of the small animals entrusted to her mother. Ginger has a knack for calming kittens down, and somehow, they all feel comfortable around her.

After Susan gives them the bottle, Ginger waits to help her. She washes their faces and helps them go to the bathroom like an experienced mother cat would. Even the shyest cat can’t resist Ginger’s tender care.

So, when Encore and Pax got close to Ginger, they quickly fell in love with her. They clung to their adoptive mother and did not let go. The cats felt so comfortable with Ginger that they almost immediately fell asleep next to her.

Ginger takes her grooming duty very seriously and keeps the cats very clean. She makes sure they are both well taken care of and gives them all the hugs they need.

Susan assures:

He seems to know that these little ones need some extra help. She is generous with her body heat and licks them frequently.

Dog takes care two kittens

Encore and Pax have grown a lot in recent weeks. They become more active and playful.

Susan said:

The kittens are now almost four weeks old and using a litter box, but Ginger is still helping them clean up. When it comes to grooming, Ginger is relentless. I still laugh at how outraged (Encore) gets every time Ginger cleans up.

Dog takes care of two rescued kittens

The feline siblings enjoy playing with Ginger’s ears and tail. They constantly keep her on her toes, but the canine is very calm and enjoying every moment with her kittens.

Susan said:

Kittens are always drawn to Ginger’s floppy ears, and Pax is no exception.

Encore and Pax thrive on Susan’s attention and the dedication of her sweet, loving dog. Ginger offers these little ones the same love she received when she was rescued long ago.

Images: Instagram / shicks403

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