A Dog Tied To A Pole Holds Out His Paw To The Policeman Who Came To Save Him

dog tied up pole tends paw policeman

A dog who had unfortunately been abandoned and tied to a post, thanks the policewoman who rescued him by extending his paw.

Policewoman Angela Laurella received a report of a couple of dogs tied to a post in an alley in Pompano, Florida (United States). There were no security cameras on the site, so it was impossible to know how long they had been blocked.

Due to the high temperatures in that part of the country, the officer knew she had to act quickly to come to the aid of these animals. He rushed to the aforementioned location and found a gray, fragile dog tied very tightly to a lamppost.

Amy Roman, president and founder of 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida, learned of the dog’s situation from the agent and wanted to help.

A dog tied to a pole is rescued

Dog tied up pole

Amy told The Dodo:

It was tied to a post with a very short strap. He was absolutely emaciated, dehydrated, with all the bones and ribs sticking out.

The dog, seeing the officer approaching, had a moving reaction, as he placed his paw in Angela’s hand and bowed his head to receive petting.

policeman strokes dog

Amy added:

She just walked over to him very slowly and held out her hand, he flinched and stomped on her, as if to say: please help me out of here!

At this point, the officer noticed that the dog had had a very difficult life and needed specialist care. Because of this, she contacted Amy’s Animal Rescue Center, hoping they would help the puppy there.

dog tied to a pole

However, the rescue center was beyond his capacity, but that was not an obstacle to help him.

The dog came to the shelter, they named him Liam, and they took him to the vet to start treating all of his health issues. After several visits to the vet, Liam recovered somewhat and moved in with Amy’s foster family to be more comfortable.

Dog tied to the pole

The adorable rescued dog is slowly regaining his strength, eating better than ever, and receiving all the attention and care he needs.

Amy commented:

He receives a lot of love around the clock. He is fed hourly to get his body used to it… We have volunteers who cook lots of boiled chicken and rice, so now he enjoys life.

Liam rescued by the police

Liam still has a long way to go with plenty of vet appointments, but he’s been a sweetheart since his rescue. He seems to love all of his caregivers, making it clear that even though he has been through many difficult situations, he is grateful and forgiving towards humans.

Liam is just one of hundreds of animals abandoned or abandoned by their owners in the state of Florida.

Liam saved

Shelters are teeming with animals, and Amy suggests pet owners that before giving up an animal, they look for another alternative.

Liam is proof that all animals deserve a second chance, after all they deserve to have a happy life.

Liam recovering

Despite having had a pretty traumatic experience, Liam still offers his paw to people, showing that he is ready to be loved.

To help abandoned and forgotten Florida dogs, you can donate to over 100 abandoned dogs in the Florida Everglades.


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