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The dog took the envelope from the table and ate it and its contents. It’s definitely the most expensive meal of your life.

Cecil is an exceptionally well-behaved goldendoodle dog. Even though the dog is usually a model, one day he did something that caused his owners to lose a lot of money. Moreover, because of an expensive prank, the animal ended up in a veterinary hospital and the dog’s owners were forced to do something extremely strange.

One day an exceptionally polite dog showed his horns

Carrie and Clayton own a goldendoodle named Cecil. A pet is a dream animal. He is cheerful, well behaved and eager to cuddle. Its owners emphasize that, unlike other pet owners, they do not have to hide from Cecil even the most delicious delicacies, such as fresh steaks or fragrant goulash. The dog knows perfectly well that the food on the plates belongs to humans and has no intention of stealing it.

So it was a huge surprise to them that one day the Goldendoodle decided to eat something that had never interested him before. It was definitely the most expensive snack of his life. Plus, it wasn’t edible.

dog took envelope ate contents
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The dog was more interested in… money than food!

Cecil’s guardians decided to replace the fence on their property. For this purpose, they hired a specialist with whom they paid in cash. On the day they were to pay $4,000 for the service, Clayton placed an envelope filled with the agreed-upon amount on the kitchen counter. There were no strangers in the house, so it didn’t occur to him that the money might be lost.

It turned out that Cecil really liked money. The dog, taking advantage of the guards’ inattention, took the envelope from the counter and then began to consume its contents. His owners didn’t realize it until he was finished. Most of the bills ended up in his digestive tract, but a few leftovers were left on the living room carpet. They couldn’t believe what had happened, even though the sight they had seen left no room for conjecture. Everything was clear. As if that wasn’t enough, after finishing the “meal”, a satisfied Cecil lay down on the sofa and took a relaxed nap as if nothing had happened.

dog took envelope ate contents
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The vet made some unusual recommendations

Clayton and Carrie were initially angry with their pet. But this emotion quickly gave way to worry. Worried about Cecil’s health, they took him to a veterinary clinic. Fortunately, the specialist said that ingested cash would likely be excreted in the stool. He recommended being patient and carefully observing the animal. Just 24 hours later, Cecil’s caregivers learned that the silver was not being digested by the dog’s digestive system. They found most of the lost money in the animal’s feces, which were torn into pieces for obvious reasons. The dog also returned some of the money by vomiting. However, a few days after the incident, he was no longer sick.

Clayton and Carrie laboriously tried to clean up and replenish the lost money. When they finished putting together this unusual “puzzle,” they realized that the $450 was gone forever. Where did they go? Only Cecil can know. However, the dog has no intention of revealing his sweet secret.

dog took envelope ate contents
facebook @Jessica Guay
dog took envelope ate contents
facebook @Jessica Guay

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