Dog Training At Home: Commands And Gestures


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Training your dog at home can be a lot of fun for both of you. Dogs love him because in those moments they get a lot of attention from their owner, not to mention rewards in the form of a treat! And people – for the fact that on occasion you can brag to friends and say: “Look what my dog ​​can do!”

Here are four commands and gestures for dog training at home. Almost any dog ​​can be trained in these commands.

But sometimes the training fails and turns out to be absolutely impossible, and all because the dog simply ignores you! However, using proven training methods greatly increases the chances of your dog learning the commands.

Dog training at home – Command # 1 – Give your paw!

Dog training home

In fact, this is a very simple trick, and it looks very cute and impressive.

How to start training your dog? Just follow these steps.

  1. Make a fist for the treat.
  2. Your dog will smell the treat and will try to reach for it. Don’t unclench your fist. The dog will try to reach with its paw what it cannot reach with its mouth.
  3. The moment the dog touches your hand with a paw, tell her: “Well done!” or click the clicker, if you have one, and give a piece of goodies.
  4. Repeat until the dog starts touching your closed hand with the treat each time you offer that hand.
  5. Then offer your dog an open and empty palm, and when he puts his paw on your hand, thank him with a piece of treat.
  6. Increase the amount of time the dog’s paw is in your hand before treating it to a treat.
  7. Then add the verbal command “Give your paw!” before giving the dog an open palm. After a few training lessons, the dog will learn the command.


Dog training at home – Command # 2 – Somersault!

Dog training home

The secret of this command is that the more often the dog repeats these steps, the greater the success.

  1. Start with the dog to lie down (if you have already taught the dog to lie down, then voice it). Otherwise, kneel on the floor and hold the treat in your closed hand. Offer this treat to your dog right next to his nose, but do not open your hand, but lower it to the floor. When your hand (and your dog!) Is on the floor, open your palm with the treat and praise the dog.
  2. So, your dog is lying down, again offer him the treat right next to his nose, but do not open your palm yet. This time, move your hand to the side over your shoulder so the dog will raise its head and turn to his side to get hold of it. Give the treat and praise.
  3. Immediately offer another piece of the treat, without letting go of it, so that the dog turns around. To do this, keep your hand with the treat out of reach, but along the path you need. If the dog does somersaults, praise him and give him another treat.
  4. Keep practicing! It will take some time before the dog begins to roll over smoothly and does so with only one piece of treat.
  5. As soon as the dog starts to roll, add the voice command “Roll!” and gradually stop giving the treat. And that’s it, it’s done!

This video demonstrates another method:

Dog training at home – Command # 3 – Turn around!

Dog training home

At first glance, it seems that only professional trainers can do this trick, but in fact it is quite simple to teach it.

  1. Take a treat and hold it close to the dog’s nose, don’t let go. Use a treat to force the dog to move in circles. When your dog completes the circle, say, “Well done!” or click with a clicker if you have one and give a piece of treat.
  2. Keep practicing! Make sure the dog always turns in the same direction. Observe: if your dog can do two turns in a row before you give him a treat, then he is doing great and progress is evident!
  3. Now try the same thing using the same hand, but without the treat. Reward the dog, but only after completing the turn. Teach your dog to follow your hand signal.
  4. Set your hand to the point where the command starts, and slowly move your hand away from the dog’s nose and in a circle. Thank your dog with a treat every time.
  5. Before you start showing direction with your hand, add the verbal command “Turn!”
  6. After all, after a lot of practice, the dog will only be able to rotate with one voice command. But if that doesn’t work, don’t worry, not all dogs can reach the stage of this trick with just one voice.


Dog training at home – Command # 4 – Bow!

Dog training home

So, a dog’s performance will be particularly successful if it bows down at the end and thus earns applause.

  1. Before starting the training, the dog must stand up. It is very good if he knows how to execute the command “Stop!”
  2. Hold the treat near the tip of the dog’s nose and slowly move it downward, keeping it close to your dog’s body and luring it downward. Do this until his front legs are on the floor and his hind legs remain in place. This trick may seem very difficult to some dogs at first. For them, you can try this option: place one hand under the belly to hold the back of the dog’s body up in a standing position, and in the other hand hold a treat with which to lure the dog to bow. Over time, the dog will understand this.
  3. Hold the treat to the dog’s nose and then use it to encourage the dog to stand up again. Tell him he’s “Well done!” Or click the clicker if you have one and give him a piece of treat.
  4. Dog Training Tip: Repeat the training! At the end, add the verbal command “Bow!”, Before showing with your hand the desired path downward.
  5. At the end of the training, the dog will learn to bow with only one verbal command!