Teaching Puppy Not to Jump or Bite

Teaching Puppy Not to Jump or Bite

It is quite simple to wean a dog to jump on people and on owners, upon meeting, and after reading the article, you will achieve the desired result from the dog in a few exercises.

It doesn’t matter if you have a puppy or already an adult dog – it is equally easy to wean the first and the second to jump on people. The only problem that you may encounter is the dog’s persistence in his actions, but this is solved by the owner’s persistence in his actions.

We will not rant about the reasons for this behavior of the dog, since you, most likely, just want to quickly get rid of the constant need to wash clothes every time you come home from work, and your dog, inspired by your arrival, tries to reach your face, along the way leaving traces of presence on your clothes.

How to wean a puppy to jump?

There are several methods you can use to wean your puppy from jumping, all of which are equally effective. So, if you have a very young puppy (about 3 months old), then it is better not to use severe physical punishment. And, as you know from my previous articles, this applies not only to weaning the puppy to jump.

Method number 1

Until recently, I did not use this method at all. And completely in vain – it is really effective, despite the fact that I learned it from a person with whom opinions about training are very different.

There is a way to simply ignore the dog every time it jumps on you. However, this does not mean that you should just stand and wait for the dog to jump up and down. You must turn away from the dog if it jumps on you.


You come home from work, and your dog is so happy that he does not pay attention to clean things. As soon as he is going to jump, turn your back to him. If the puppy tries to enter so that your face is visible and tries to jump again, turn away from him again. Turn away every time he tries to jump at you. As soon as he calms down a bit, lean over to him and greet him, as you probably always do.

In general, the essence of the method is to completely ignore the puppy in case of undesirable behavior, that is, an attempt to jump on the owner. Of course, you just need to turn away from him, otherwise you will not achieve the effect. It’s amazing how effective this method is – literally in just a few times you will be able to wean your puppy from jumping on people and passers-by. And here is the next method, which should not be applied to small puppies.

Method number 2

If, upon meeting you, the puppy jumps – say the command “no” and give him a light jerk blow with his knee in the chest area at the moment when he jumps on you. If he repeats the jump, repeat “no” in a threatening voice and again push into the chest with your knee, but now a little harder. Read more about the correct use of the stimulus (push, in this case) in the article on how to properly punish a dog.

If your puppy is a representative of small breeds and reaches you only for his entire height, and he is at least three months old, then if complete ignorance does not help, try method number 2, but instead of pushing with your knee, say “no” and push the dog away with your hands. If he tries again to jump at you, then again, in a stern voice say “no” and push the dog even more persistently.

It is important to focus not so much on physical punishment as on expressing your perseverance, steadfastness in the decision so that the puppy does not confuse your orders with a fun game.

Look at the situation, often it is enough to push the knee into the chest, or just push it off with your hand. If the animal continues, then instead of a push, you should apply a light blow to the croup and say “no”, but this is not for puppies, but for adult dogs.

How to wean an adult dog from jumping on people?

The dog jumps on people if at puppyhood it was not weaned by the owner in time, or was taken from a shelter, and so on. But it does not matter. A dog can be taught to jump on people in the same old-fashioned ways.

Method number 1

The same way as for puppies. As soon as the dog jumps on you, turn your side or back to it. If she jumps again, turn away from her again. Ignore and turn away – that’s all there is to it. Surprisingly, most dogs quickly learn that their jumping is useless.

Method number 2

Again, the illogical method that was described above for puppies. When the dog jumps at you – say “no” and give it a push with your knee in the chest area. If he jumps again, he will have to repeat the procedure: “no” and then a more persistent push with his knee in the chest.

When the dog jumps on you, you can give the command “no” and slap it with your hand in the area of ​​the croup, correctly calculating the strength of the stimulus. It is quite simple to teach an adult dog to jump on a person in this way, but the main thing here is not to overdo it with the force of the blow.

Method number 3

An adult dog can be weaned from jumping on people with a strict collar (parfors). But this method is useful if the dog already has a leash and collar. Actually, this method is applicable to puppies, but not with a strict collar, and not very strictly.


You are walking with the dog, you have read it for a long time and you know how to teach a dog to command nearby, but you meet your friend or a member of your family – her pack. The dog happily wags its tail and jumps at the person. Your actions: only at the moment of the jump, utter the command “no” in a stern voice and make a jerk with the leash towards yourself. Get your dog obedient. Expect strength: a strict collar in the hands of a person who finds it difficult to cope with his own emotions can hurt the dog too much.

If you are expecting guests and want to socialize the dog to them, then put on a collar and a leash on it in advance (how to train a puppy to a leash and collar) so that if she wants to jump on your guest, make a jerk with the leash in time and stop the dog.

All, do not waste time – running to wean the dog to jump on everyone. If you have any questions, write in the comments. Does your animal have behavioral problems that need to be corrected? Read about dog behavior correction and you will surely find a solution to all problems.

How to stop a puppy not to bite

Grabbing prey is a natural skill for dogs. But for the owners, such actions can be a problem. If you have a puppy, and he always strives to bite you and other family members by the legs.

Why puppy / dog a dog bite on the legs

As children get to know the world, taking everything in their hands and mouth, so the puppies learn this world with the help of their teeth. The growing dog does not understand with what force to clench the jaw so that the person does not get hurt. You need to understand that the puppy does not bite out of anger, but for the purpose of exploring the world around him. Many people at such a moment shout and run away, and then for the dog biting the legs turns into a fun game. If this is not stopped in time, then this behavior will be reinforced every time. In the future, it will be much more difficult to wean the pet.

Another reason a puppy may bite on the legs is boredom. Thus, the dog attracts attention.

Also, the puppy can bite during the change of teeth. At this time, they want to chew on something, so the owners’ legs often become “victims”.

There are situations when dog bites are used in self-defense. This happens in cases where the owner is not an authority for the pet.

Weaning the puppy from biting

To discourage your ponytail from grabbing your legs, try these guidelines:

  1. Do not deny the puppy play – attention is very important for the pet.
  2. Buy a variety of toys so that the dog does not get bored and can “pat” something other than your legs.
  3. If you see that the dog is aiming at your leg, do not run with a squeak, so as not to turn it into a game.
  4. The moment you see that the dog is “hunting” on its feet, distract it: rustle a piece of paper or give a toy. But it is important to do this before the puppy has grabbed your teeth so as not to reinforce the “bite = given a toy” behavior.
  5. Use barriers that will prevent your pet from getting to you – this can be a box, a piece of cardboard, a board. Over time, the dog will lose the habit of his actions.
  6. Use the command “No!”, But do it in a stern voice.

If the dog bites with aggression and you understand that you are not an authority for the pet, then you need to work on training.


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