Puppy Rescued From Detroit River After 4 Days In Blistering Cold


Luckily, a puppy that was trapped in a frozen river for four days was able to be rescued and found a family next to his savior

A puppy that was trapped in the Detroit River for four days, was rescued and recovered successfully from his injuries, now he has found a forever family alongside the person who saved his life.

Apparently, the little dog named Miracle, had been trapped in the frozen riverbed after being chased by a coyote. The weather conditions and the instability of the ice in the river made the rescue a very complicated mission, but fortunately they managed to rescue him in time.

The fluffy dog ​​had managed to survive coyotes, eagles, cold temperatures, and even fell into the water, but was able to climb back onto the ice.

Puppy who was caught in a river gets family

dog trapped river adopted

Many people and rescuers witnessed what the dog was going through, but no one seemed to be able to help due to the difficult conditions he was in. Luckily, a hero accompanied by his son, who lives on the other side of the river, risked his life to save the dog in need.

dog trapped river adopted

Interestingly, the Detroit River divides the border between Canada and the United States, more exactly in the cities of Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario. From both sides of the river they were aware of the situation of the dog, and when he approached the Canadian side, Jude Mead and his son decided to act.

The man and his son are co-owners of J & J Marine, a marine construction company located in the city of Windsor. Regardless of putting his life at risk, Jude and his team were able to cross the river using an airboat from the chemical company BASF Corp.

dog trapped river adopted

The little dog was hidden in a small piece of land that had formed in the river, but it was very difficult to get there because of the ice. After creating a good plan of action, they were able to get to where he was, rescued him, and took him to a veterinary hospital.

dog trapped river adopted

Lucretia Greear, a veterinarian at Woodhaven Animal Hospital, told WXYZ:

They physically went to the small island where he was and they were able to rescue him.

At the veterinary hospital they discovered that the dog suffered frostbite on the pads of its paws and on its scrotum; it also had ice on its fur. In addition, he was dehydrated and suffered from pancreatitis because he was trapped in the ice for 4 days, at that time the main objective was to stabilize him.

dog trapped river adopted

After a proper medical intervention they proceeded to investigate if Miracle had a home and was lost, but they did not find an identification plate and it did not have a microchip. For this reason, Friends of the River Rouge Animal Shelter, decided to take care of the little one until they could find a foster home for him.

dog trapped river adopted

After recovering properly, the dog was ready to begin the adoption process, so the shelter began looking for a suitable home.

Lucretia added:

It’s quite surprising. It was definitely not his time. It is a miracle that he can walk.

dog trapped river adopted

The shelter made a post on Facebook describing that there were many people interested in adopting the little Miracle. But in the midst of all these requests, there was that of the man who had saved her life, and they thought that perhaps it was the best option.

dog trapped river adopted

The shelter commented on Facebook:

Today history closed its circle. Today the little dog Miracle was put in the hands of the hero who saved his life. That’s right … this dog who defied ALL ODDS will now live happily ever after with the man who saved his life.

Having fought for his life and been timely rescued, Miracle couldn’t find a better family to continue his life.

dog trapped river adopted

The shelter said:

Congratulations to Jude and his family on his newest addition! Happy life, Miracle!

dog trapped river adopted

Now little Miracle finds himself enjoying the comforts of his new life in Canada.

Images: Facebook/ Friends of the River Rouge Animal Shelter