Her Dog Treats Her With Complete Indifference After Picking Her Up From The Vet

dog treats indifference owner visits veterinarian

Bret Mortimer and his 2.5-year-old dog Fritz go to the local dog park almost every day. So when they got in the car together one day, presumably that was where Fritz thought they were going. But he was very wrong.

Bret loves Fritz, so when he learned the importance of canine oral care, he decided to schedule a checkup with a veterinary dentist. Fritz’s teeth are important to him, so they’re also important to Bret.

She told The Dodo that she made an appointment to clean Fritz’s teeth because he is her best friend and she wants him to live as long as he can.

But no one asked Fritz if he wanted to go to the dentist.

Her dog treats her with indifference after picking her up from the vet

Fritz and Brett

When Bret picked him up from the vet after the cleaning, Fritz had no qualms about expressing his feelings about the experience. I was not at all excited to see her.

fritz ignoring

Throughout the drive home, Fritz continued to coldly ignore Bret, refusing to make eye contact because of what she had put him through.

Clearly Fritz felt a bit betrayed, and for that he treated Bret with utter indifference, and it was no less, like many of us, Fritz didn’t like the idea of ​​him at all. go to the dentist.

Fortunately, this feeling did not last long. Soon after arriving home, Fritz was back to being the loving dog Bret knew.

Bret and her dog

However, it soon became clear that Fritz had not forgotten this “betrayal”.

Fritz on the sofa

The next day, when Bret asked Fritz to get back in the car, this time to take him to the dog park, he wasn’t as excited as before and he eyed Bret warily.


But now watch Fritz happy again, this time after his fun day at the dog park. It seems that he has already managed to overcome this “traumatic” experience.

You can follow Fritz’s adventures on Instagram.

Images: Bret Mortimer

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